What to do with Confederate statues?


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This raises the question as to how it was dealt with during the intermediate period before it was “kitsch” and people wanted less to do with it.


I 100% support moving Confederate statues to parkland set aside as museums. That’s where they belong. Maybe next to the Holocaust museum.


When I visited Rome 10 years ago, I was a bit surprised – while visiting the Forum – to see an inscription that said something to the effect of “restored by the administration of Benito Mussolini.” Well, I guess they did restore it, after all, but I was mentally comparing it to Germany, where (if I’m not mistaken) that sort of mention would’ve been destroyed after the war.


Do not censor history. Leave the statues in place, with their plaques, but add a new plaque to give more details about the reality of the person and the events.


Melt them all down into a giant throne and replace the chair in the Lincoln Memorial so Abe can sit atop the symbols of his fallen adversaries, Westeros-style.


Telling the story of the South is not the point. The point is to glorify racism.


These statues glorify the Dixie Swastika, so they belong in the trash, or melt them down for the metal, but lets get them gone.


The only Confederate flag that mattered was the white flag of surrender. Showing the dixie traitor flag should be a mark of shame, but to many it is a symbol of race hatred and perverse pride. Reminds me of previous BB post where the lady drives up and asks ‘what’s with the Nazi flag?’ and the owner has a big ol Trump sticker on his truck. natch! Bet he’s rolling coal too! yeehaw

Melt them down, make them into art, hit them with shoes, but celebrate that ‘culture’? No. No. Just… No!


Roger That!


Get rid of the fasces on Lincoln’s old chair design while you are at it.


Now we’re dragging the Etruscans into this?


Obviously the throne of trump should be made of them


REM Harborcoat


Sell 'em for scrap metal to be melted down, and use the proceeds to feed the homeless.


Use them as hood ornaments in monster truck demolition derbies?





Melt them down and have them reformed into civil rights leaders.


If state’s rights is truly what the confederacy fought for, Robert E. Lee himself would have no issue with local governments choosing to remove those statues.