George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi

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Indeed. Those ceramic pieces are pretty awesome


Jor Johr, sounds Barsoomian.


Ohr was great, without question.

But so was Walter Anderson, who lived in Ocean Springs, MS, in the next generation of artists from the southern coast of Mississippi.


I hadn’t heard of him before. My work is pretty strictly functional but I’ve been doing pottery for quite a while, and this stuff is stunningly visionary and perfectly executed. This is fantastic.


my mum, a fine artist herself - in ceramics, glass, metal and fiber - had several showings at the Ohr- O’Keefe. her work was featured in brochures from the museum’s collections.
Georgie was waaaay out there, to be sure!
the original plans for Frank Gerhy’s Ohr-O’Keefe museum included the home of a freed enslaved person, named Pleasant Reed (the first documented house built and owned by a freed man) as an interpretive center for the museum. unfortunately, hurricane katrina destroyed Mr. Reed’s house. the museum has rebuilt a replica Pleasant home since.
the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum is a must see if travelling the gulf’s “bubba coast”, or as a way of taking a break from gambling away in Gulfport.


More Ursula K. Le Guin than Edgar Rice Burroughs. He must have used a lathe.


Ohr was great, another nod for gulf coast artist and " character " Walter Anderson . As i remember it, he had a cyclical mental illness, when he needed to he’d go off to live and paint in a secluded cabin. After his death his family got to see the inside. Fantastic in every way.

I first heard of him on “Antiques Roadshow“. He has been mentioned several times, both as the creator of items brought to the roadshow, and as an influential potter. George Ohr Pottery, ca. 1900 | Antiques Roadshow | PBS

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I vote for Seth Rogan to play George Ohr.

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