Trippy ceramic busts depict mind-altering revelations


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So painful!


These are wonderful things, indeed!


Well, that’s mind-altering revelations for you.


Welp, more things that I want but won’t be getting for my birthday, dammit.


Looks interesting. At the same time I’m reminded of a saying “keep an open mind but don’t let your brain fall out”.


For one I’m no artist so seeing creations like this truly amazes me. The different styles and technique used to create these figures take a lot effort and time, plus years of practice. The artist did a terrific job with capturing human features. With enough practice it would be great if I could do anything artistically half as good as that, but baby steps would be needed. I wonder what the rest of this artist amazing creations consists of.


Though most, it must be said, are variations on “mind goatse”


The artist’s website has some amazing pictures of these and a lot of his other work, including photographs taken while in progress. I just spent a happy 20 minutes scrolling down


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