The 'Rational' mind, and other sculptural works of Cuban artist Juan Capote


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Brilliant, but the artist’s website is blank.

Am I the only one who flinched a trifle and thought “very, very, atypical presentation of lymphatic filariasis” when I first saw that?


I’ve had dates who accused me of thinking with my dick too.

Recklessly sexist.

Ooooh, band-name.


We 'ave bin Reckloosluly, reckloosally, rucklessely, FUCK IT!

We’ve been The Sexists and we know you liked our awesome music!

edit: Damn internet, you cray-cray.

I liked the brain maze. Would love to wait in the middle and beckon people over.

‘Quick, through here. The corpus callosum is especially permeable at this spot’.
*Evil laughter

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