George R.R. Martin catches COVID, and no, Winds of Winter is still not done yet

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And Winds of Winter won’t even be the last book. Or I should say, it won’t even conclude the series.


and no, Winds of Winter is still not done yet

And, so what? If he finishes it, great. If he gets bored and never does, that’s fine too.


I hope he gets well, and suffers no ill-effects. I’ve not read more than the first chapter or two of the first book; however, I know that a lot of people would like to find out what happens next, and how “wrong” the TV series got things.


I hope he recovers quickly – more quickly than he writes for sure.

I read and enjoyed the previous books but I’ve given up on the GoT universe and moved on to other things. He’s too late to make whatever corrections he wants to that bungled last season of the TV show.


Get well, George! Probably picked it up at Comic-Con, because everyone is acting like there is no covid pandemic now… :roll_eyes:

But now we got five days of people pontificating about how “there is not book” and that those of us who are looking forward to reading them are idiots. Can’t fucking wait for that! /s


They did require masks and full vaccinations, though I don’t know how well it was enforced. Still, I would not set foot in a crowd that big just yet.


Probably not very well. And since less tests are being done via public health services or via places that report like a pharmacy or an urgent care, and instead are being done at home, there is probably under count of numbers, too.


Here, here! I came to say the same thing. They’re his books, it’s his work, he owes me nothing by way of finishing it. If he does, great. If he doesn’t, there’s a billion other things I could be reading. Whatever makes him happy.


I took the kiddo to the Local Planet Comicon. We wore N95s and survived with out getting infected, but you’re right, most people acting like it wasn’t still around.

I did cosplay the first day, but with a mask, the already hot costume was just too much. :confused:

Hopefully RR Martin recoups fine and finishes his book. I haven’t read the books but I know a lot of fans want closure.



We’re still not sure about our local conventions.


George Rr Martin Emmys 2015 GIF by FOX TV

At this point I really don’t care anymore.

(Not regarding his infection, I do hope he’ll get well soon and can avoid long covid. About the book(s), however…)


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