George Takei says gay Sulu is "really unfortunate" decision

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Having Spock hook up with Uhura wasn’t Roddenberry’s vision, either. This is a different universe.


I don’t think citing “Gene’s Vision” is a good argument. Roddenberry’s writing of women (and groups like the Irish or Scottish) is so full of 1950s-style casual bigotry that I have no doubt the guy would have made gay Sulu a limp-wristed lisper. (And really, all hints of progressiveness in Trek was pretty much due to the hard work of people like DC Fontana. Roddenberry was pretty much just there to use the casting couch.)

I do agree that more LGBTQ representation… not to mention some female characters who do more than fill out a catsuit, poor T’pol… is needed in Star Trek and hopefully the new Trek show will address that lacking aspect of the franchise. But given everything the public knows, Gay Sulu is the most logical first step.


Oh, my!


Actually, the first few episodes of the original throw them together pretty strongly, with Spock remaining aloof and Uhura laughing at te pretense, but also both clearly enjoying the game.


I think having the crew made up of happy, recognizable representatives of many cultures sends a much clearer message than just havig them all be from some “future human/those differnces are irrelevant” monoculture. That message being that unity with diversity is possible. Take away Scotty’s accent, Ujura’s Swahili, and Chekov’s Russian nationalism, and they’re all just Americans with slightly uncommon names: the future then is that America alone won in a sweep.

It may seem heavy handed by today’s standards, but that’s bwcause we’re a lit closer to that liberal, Trek-like future where those values are a given.


yes but to their credit, T’pol and 7of9 did an awesome job with their roles.


Let’s have a gay Kirk.

Let’s have a black Superman.


A Vulcan science officer who is brain-damaged into having lots of banal human-like emotional problems? Isn’t that just WTF we needed…?


I think what throws me about this all is that they would have shown more creative integrity to simply create new characters to tell new stories in new ways. It feels like theirs has been an act of arrogant nihilistic vandalism on literally decades of storytelling and character development. Make of each past Trek series as you will, they were products of their times. Why couldn’t these guys continue the tradition of the franchise by creating a ‘new generation’ of stories, settings, and characters that coexist with the past universe? Why did they have to piss on things that fans and prior production crew surely held dear?

It doesn’t make sense, to me, either. People who know who the old characters are invested in them and won’t take kindly to retroactive fanfic’ing from Paramount becoming universe canon. The people who don’t know the characters that are being cynically rebooted as fashionably trendy and hip were never invested in the characters in the first place and would have responded equally well (or maybe better) to an original character.

So, anyway, this feels like an indifferent destruction of something people hold dear as a cynical and pandering sort of ‘make a sequel of something’ approach to cinematic originality. I can see why this got a response from Takei.


No disagreement from me but, the actresses did not write the roles. I just think their work was great.


Lets have a woman as Thor and a young, black Iron Maiden :metal: WoMan!

I don’t read comics much now, but growing up, I’d have loved some of the recent directions they’re taking.


Damn good thing Superman’s impervious to bullets because he’s going to be spending the first few episodes of that TV series just convincing the local PDs that he’s on their side.


I love that you and so many others went right to ‘So, Star Trek was really badly skewed against minorities, that vision should take the back seat.’

Sulu in TOS wasn’t gay?


Caption: Ensign Demora Sulu
Star Trek Generations
Episode: MOV 007 - Star Trek Generations

Demora was Hikaru Sulu’s daughter and helm officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B in 2293. James Kirk met her for only the second time, minutes before he was swept into the Nexus, which history recorded as his death. Kirk had actually met Demora twelve years earlier, when she was a young girl, but neither seems to remember the occasion.


I <3 Takei, but I’m not with him on this. Different universe, different adaptation, different character. Takei’s Sulu will always be a straight man. John Cho’s Sulu will be a gay man. Just different characters!

It’s understandable, though - my guess is Takei’s performance of a straight man in the 60’s is kind of tied up in…well…his performance of George Takei The Straight Man in the '60’s. He’s kind of too close to the character.

Good on him to question the choice, but I trust Pegg for now.


Seriously, I was rewatching old episodes last year and I’d forgotten (or probably didn’t notice because I was so young) how much Uhura flirts with Spock in those early episodes. I was like “Suddenly their NuTrek romance makes a bit more sense.”


Obviously Sulu and his partner - whoever he was - did a great job of raising her.


Maybe, maybe not but there are some hints in early TOS episodes (The Man Trap) that the writers may have been aware at least Takei is gay and intentionally didn’t hint at straight relationships for Sulu when it wouldn’t have been hard to do.

Having a kid doesn’t mean he’s straight though. :sweat: