Star Trek creator's perfect comment on casting a bald captain for ST: TNG


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Some people contend that balding makes men look old. In Stewart’s case it seems to have made him immortal.

Or maybe it was all that spice he did back in the 80s.

Bonus ageless bald man:

In his case he had the double-luck of being an immortal in Highlander who ALSO drank from the Holy Grail.


Wow. I thought I went bald early.


Dad started balding in his thirties; his brothers are all balding, starting at various ages. Mom’s side has no balding. People say it depends on your mother’s side, but apparently it’s not that straightforward. I can live with either outcome… I just want to know what’s going to happen goddamnit!


To be fair, Connery was nearly sixty when he played Dr. Jones. But what I find flabbergasting is that Sir Patrick was only two years older than I am (all of 47!) when he first commanded the Starship Enterprise. Somehow I always thought he was deep into his fifties by then.


They used the same excuse for why there are no same-sex relationships depicted in Star Trek.

It didn’t go well for them.





1974 in Hedda. I watched that movie sometime in the mid 90s, so I was used to him with no hair. I thought non-bald Patrick Stewart looked weird, and I might not have recognized him except for his voice.


I had a friend who started balding around the end of HS. I saw him about 5 or 6 years later and he just shaved his head.


Is the second one from when he played Lenin? Fall of Eagles…


I see you’ve met my brothers.
I, as the only girl, get to hide my ever increasing widows peaks with bangs. :wink:

My 19yr old nephew is in extreme denial.


I guess he was wearing a rug in I, Claudius (can’t recommend it enough!)


Hollywood STILL can’t get a handle on the “Patrick Stewart never ages” thing. Even going backwards they overcompensate.


I gave up hope at 16, trust me, its better if you stop caring now.


I have a friend who had a comb-over. When he finally just cut it off and went natural, we were all so relieved. (And I think he looked much better.)


I too am happy that most of us have just given a collective, “meh” to baldness. No matter your age, color, gender, anything, you can rock a dome.


jeez, it’s no fair that he’s been weak-in-the-knees sexy his entire dang life.


Did he borrow it from this guy?


Funnily enough, Connery is only twelve years older than Ford (born 1930 vs. born 1942).