Watch the first episode of Star Trek: Picard for free on YouTube

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Boldly go where, to


Not availble… Dang.
Is it country locked?


So much for “the internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it” :roll_eyes: /s

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A bit of an odd maneuver anyway. It’s well-made and I’m sure they know where they’re going, but there’s really not much in the first episode that’s particularly going to hook anyone. Stewart himself has said that it pretty much amounts to a 10-hour movie and there’s nothing wrong with that – unless you’re trying to promote it by giving away the first episode.

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Yeah, I found it so meh.

Full disclosure: I am solidly in the ST:D is among the best Trek series out there*/they nailed the platonic ideal of Klingons/rah rah!/etc. camp, which, although objectively right, is not a universally shared perspective. :wink:

That said, even if ST:P is as craptastically awful as the first season of ST:TNG (or, you know, all of ST:V), I will still watch it… repeatedly.

* But I totally cop to the slump in writing quality mid 2nd season Discovery . Nice pick-up at the end of that season though.


I was already against watching the series because it’s locked behind yet another streaming service … but they could have hooked me with a free episode.

Well, that is, until I got the “this video is not available in your country”.

Yeah. Screw that. I’m not even going to lose time trying to pirate it (not sarcasm, they don’t deserve my eyeballs)…


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Seeing as Michael Chabon had a hand in creating and writing the series, I will definitely be watching.

I should wait and not watch this at work.
What are you doing at work today?
I’m, um, posting comments on boingboing BBS.

Right. Back in 46:27.


I will be honest, I liked Star Trek: Picard. It was well done, it hit the right notes up to and including hearing Sir Patrick Stewart speaking French to Number One (his doggo). But I have the luxury of seeing it on Amazon Prime, much like how I watch Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix.

Ah, Europe.


CBS isn’t the only channel showing Star Trek Picard. Amazon Prime is as well - world wide, not just in the USB.

Episode 1 is just establishing the characters. So we won’t know how good the series is until episode 3.

i watched the episode in order to properly enjoy the RLM tear-down.

I’ll watch it too because I need to see for myself, but the fact they made the Federation basically racist and non idealists makes me sads.

They have a bunch of short videos called short treks on all access.

I recommend the one with H. Jon Benjamin concerning tribbles.


Blocked in my country. I watched it anyway.


I mean, how dare a scifi show steeped in allegorical story telling feature a major plot point that reflects our own current times.


Already saw it last week, thanks; it was excellent.


Think about how absolutely stupid it is though to have to pay for one service for the privilege of even being allowed to surreptitiously watch another, that you would presumably also end up paying for

As much as people consume media I think media companies vastly overestimate how much grief people are beginning to want to put up with to experience it

I am a rabid TNG fan but part of that was the framerate it was filmed in and the overall aesthetic. It’s just a very calming show to watch with the pacing the color scheme and the frame rate, and distance shots. The movies get up too close too much definition on the characters and something about the magic of the framing is lost for me