Patrick Stewart is back as Picard in new Star Trek series

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I’m filing this under “wonderful things”.


I hope he has been promoted and is now an admiral. Would be strange if after all these years he is still just a captain.




It’s nice to see so much well-warranted excitement over the return of a character who values diplomacy, intellectual curiosity, and collaboration with other experts as key elements of leadership. The great thing about Picard is he could be retired from Starfleet in this series and still have all kinds of great adventures as a cool old dude travelling the universe: Indiana-Jones archeology adventures, Shakespeare on the moon, mystery solving, Ressikan flute performances, first contacts, wine tastings, etc. (including psychic nudism)

If his old TNG castmates don’t take the opportunity to do guest spots on this show they’ll be missing out on some fun.


Since this announcement yesterday I have grown more and more fond of the idea of him somehow having been disgraced and discharged from Starfleet due to some deliberately deceitful campaign against him and, perhaps an internal overthrow of Starfleet command. He travels the cosmos doing the good work of Starfleet while trying to unravel the chain of events that led him to this low place, restore the moral compass and prestige of Starfleet and maybe, just maybe, exonerate himself.

Basically Firefly x trump’s America.





What a great framing narrative. In the first episode I’d imagine a Gove-like admiral telling him “People in this Federation have had enough of experts and diplomacy” while another slovenly one complains that “When Qo’noS sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing Rhuludian crystals. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some Klingons, I assume, are good people.”


Yes, but it’s mostly the same people (Kurtzman, Goldsman, Beyer) behind Discovery and the rest don’t inspire confidence either. Not even the best character/actor is going to save the series if the writers and producers are Hawaii Five-0 tier shitlords.


I guess nostalgia is the new originality. They’re even bringing Carrie Fisher back from the grave.


Star Trek is supposed to be optimistic, show that humanity can be better than we are today, not a commentary on the worst part of current politics.


“He may not be a captain anymore,” Stewart said on Saturday. “He may be someone who has been changed by his experiences… It will be something very different, but it will come to you with the same passion.” An additional statement at Stewart’s Twitter profile pointed out his initial expectation that the role had “run its course” following the filming of 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis .

The show will be Captain Jean Luc Picard (ret) pottering about his family’s period-perfect 19th century vineyard discussing the challenges of artesenal winemaking through the lens of Shakespeare and French existentialist philosophy.


I am voting on a rag tag crew of smugglers who aim to misbehave.


I thought both he and Kirk had bounced between admiral and Captain…or was that Kirk and Sisko?

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Kirk would have been a terrible admiral.

Sisko should have been running starfleet, not some backwoods station.


He was an admiral at the beginning of The Motion Picture and during The Wrath of Kahn. The non-canon reason is that as one of the few captains to return from a five year mission with his ship, he was a celebrated hero and Starfleet considered him too valuable to be on the frontier.

What I hope for the new series is that it goes into how Jean-Luc Picard is a unique individual: once Locutus, memories of his life in The Inner Light, the mind-melds with Sarek and Spock, the torture he endured at the hand of the Cardassians, and even the experiences of the movies (though if we could not mention Nemesis I would be happy) have made him into one of the most unique sophonts in the UFP. Oh yeah, and his connection to the Q Continuum is still stronger than any other. What happens to a person that has all of these experiences?


At this point in my life I’m ready for Patrick Stewart in an armchair wearing a smoking jacket, with a book in his lap and a glass of wine at his elbow, interpolated with segments of gardening.


IIRC Kirk demotes himself in the beginning of the first movie. And at the end of DS9, Sisko is effectively commander of the combined Star Fleet and Klingon fleets.

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Cabernet Sauvignon and Derrida!


I’m thinking Ambassador Picard might be a good role. He has the benefit of Sarek’s wisdom.