Patrick Stewart is back as Picard in new Star Trek series

I would be happy with this.

Something about the character in the way he played it, maybe it was the uniforms, the design of the sets, but it was the only show that I could ever put on and it just deeply calmed me at a psychological level.

Star Trek is often used by people as an example of elitist science fiction, perhaps because of the deep integration of jazz, architectural aesthetics, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, and diplomacy in space in the show. Along with the society of no money. But to many people combination of these things ended up being very intellectually soothing, to those of us that like to think forward and peacefully, it was like being wrapped in a blanket of reason and culture. It gave us a vision of future that wasn’t entirely hinged around war or explosions to sell a narrative. It had its moments of intrigue, war and political strife but the base feeling in the show was always, when out of conflict, at peace, and deeply involved in the enjoyment of exploring the universe without blowing everything up like space hillbillies.

I would be overjoyed to see Patrick Stewart return to the role that gave me the ideal archetype of a man I wanted to become. So long as the direction style does not cheapen what was done with his character and turn this into some sort of Michael Bay shallow series, I would relish watching Stewart just kicking back in his vineyard for a few episodes, musing over Shakespeare and warp physics to start the show.


I remember reading a Trekker proposing a show that focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with a Federation first-contact/diplomacy starship and its crew. That would be an appropriate premise for this new show, too.


Maybe a whole season of him in a smoking jacket, sitting in an armchair in front of a fire with a glass of claret discussing archeology, trans warp theory and diplomacy to officers seeking command level assignments.

You know - Masterpiece Picard.


That is the most beautiful idea I have ever heard.

I would watch that till the skin fell off my bones.



There’s many ways this character could have developed. Does he have a family now? How’s he dealt with children? Is his daughter in the academy?

Is he acting like Riker’s father as a federation consultant? Supposedly retired but a federation asset in the field?


Assuming he’s playing the version of Picard who appeared in the TV series and not the version of Picard who appeared in the movies, because that guy was totally different.



I heard that Stewart actually likes driving off road so that scene was 100% pure joy for him. No acting required.


It’s a superficial analysis, even though we take comfort in the superficial trappings you mention. The society of the Federation doesn’t exclude anyone from the benefits and refined pleasures it offers unless they’re obvious arseholes (e.g. bigots, greedpigs, powermongers, violent abusers, grifters … basically anyone the current GOP would consider a suitable candidate for office).


Yes, that’s the problem. At some point the movies just forgot all about who Picard was and just became content to let Stewart & friends goof off on camera. It would be like if they put a scene in The Force Awakens where Han Solo just flies a vintage biplane around the Pacific Northwest for no particular reason.


I forget, which movie was that one? I’ll link you to redlettermedia’s review of it which was hilarious.

Saw it, concur with findings.

Woo, release it in my lifetime kthxbai.

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It’s Nemesis, it’s ok that you don’t remember it, no one does. it’s the movie equivalent of the Silence monsters from Dr Who.


Huh what a strange feeling… I’m not getting that feeling of intense cynicism as I usually do when hearing news like this. He can’t possibly still be a starfleet officer though (maybe admiral at a push) so I’m happy with him in an ambassadorial role. Not a disgraced officer thrown out of starfleet! I hate that idea, he’s Jean-Luc Picard for gawd’s sake. So an ambassador role with some archaeological adventuring thrown in but at some point he must go aboard whichever version of the enterprise* is then in service.

ETA: *Ooh! I bet there’ll still be some old galaxy class ships still in operation…


Yeeeeeeeessssssss! Really excited for this. Best captain ever returns, plus writers including Michael Chabon? Awwww hellz yeah!



Well then let’s share it with the rest of the class.

Note - NSFW language.

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Ah - fighting Section 31 with the resistance!


I totally agree. I love Star Trek and I love Picard, but we are putting those things in the hands of people that just don’t get it and I have zero faith this new show will get it either.

Besides, we already have Star Trek on television. It’s called The Orville.


Shatner is a well known dick, and I think that was sort of known even before social media.

I mean, it’s not like the ENTIRE PURPOSE of the show was to project a unified, egalitarian future for humanity or anything, AMIRITE! /s


There’s an interesting interview with Hugh Jackman after he filmed Logan, in which he ruminates on a 17 year career playing Wolverine.

The long and short of it is he was only interested in Logan because he got to explore facets of his character that were previously off limits.*

All that to say I hope Sir Patrick Stewart is producing this for largely the same reasons. This could be a truly excellent series!

*I’d offer more detail, but don’t want to spoil an excellent film for those who haven’t seen it!