First trailer for 'Star Trek: Picard'

I’m a self-made-man. Unfortunately, I’m not very skillful.

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The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Guess I’m not gonna see this movie then.

They don’t want my money.



I liked DS9 at the time, as for a tangental story it was ok. But it was the starting point where Rodenberry’s hopeful optimism ideal started to get pushed aside.

I realize that conflict breeds interest, but I think ST:OS and ST:TNG both had conflict with out focusing largely on war. Though to be fair they both had war story lines.

I dunno, I wanted to like Discovery, I liked the characters and the look as a SHOW, but as TREK it just didn’t hit for me.

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Why would they make a trailer that wasn’t available to watch in Canada? Because this is what I get when I try to watch this!




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I know a few people who liked Enterprise better than any other Trek. That you didn’t is really just about you. There are millions of fans of that show and no one cares about what the “that’s not canon” crowd thinks anyway.
My point it that I like the Trek universe and even though some of it isn’t something I would watch a second time, it’s future positive sci fi TV and at its worst, it’s still better than most of the competition.

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I feel the same way. The Pike story needs to be told.

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Maybe the Federation ecomony is one of these?

But the Star Trek economy is very vague as to how it actually works. It’s probably deliberately like that.


I can see that. Exploration is a big part of Trek. In Season 3, DISCO is well set up for some exploration story arcs.


Personally, I would say it’s a mutualistic or socialistic market economy where the means of production are held in common and personal property is respected. But that’s just my headcanon.


So, this thread inspired me to check out The Prisoner. Streaming for free for Amazon Prime members. It’s good!

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Prepare yourself for a very odd 1960’s ending. :smiley: The journey to there is certainly fun.


We know that in Gene’s universe, Earth is no longer a monetary society and within the Federation what trade there is between members is largely and mix of gifting as well as some bartering for goods and services.


“Gimme yer gold-pressed latinum or yer life!”

Finally found a trailer I could watch. It looks interesting.

But it’s not, though. The themes/stories were darker, but the point was that the Roddenberry optimism still won out in the end. Two of my favorite episodes illustrate that… first, Far Beyond the Stars showed how Benny Russell’s vision of the future won out in the end. Sisko is the captain of a major space station, regardless of his skin color. Then In the Pale Moonlight shows Sisko still believing in the federation and it’s mission, despite what he’s done with Garak. The whole point is that having a positive vision of the future can help people make better choices in the end.


For anyone who is visually impaired, here’s my audio described version of this trailer:

For Star Wars fans, I also did an audio described version of the new Star Wars trailer:

Both of these will probably be audio described when they are released, but the trailers aren’t - so I hope to help make the building up of excitement accessible as well!


Well I confess I didn’t see the later seasons because I went to college and didn’t have a TV. And certainly DS-9 wasn’t grim dark like the newer Discovery line. Sisko’s role was as a peace keeper and the conflict was around him. So while I still feel it it sort of nudged the franchise in the direction, you’re right it wasn’t devoid of optimism. I do remember that episode where they went back in time to Classic Trek was very cool. I also liked the characters for the most part, especially Sisko.

But yeah, I am not really down on DS9, I am down on Discovery for trying to Marvel/Star Wars up the Trek universe. While I can understand wanting to make a slicker, more modern product I think it failed to make it Trek. If you blur your eyes and pretend it isn’t supposed to be a Trek vehicle, I did like it on some of those levels.

Like I said earlier, the Orville is more like OS and TNG than any other Trek franchise since and I find it incredibly endearing (and fun to see the other Trek actors cameos.)