Georgia Sheriff and deputies indicted for repeatedly touching the junk of 900 students at local high-school


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But the president can do it!


Thank Dog something may actually happen to this predator. As a parent, it makes me sad that only 9 students/families are suing.




Not only do it but brag about it and use it to dog whistle his mouth breather followers to vote him into office based on an absence of morals or respect. Even more stunning are the women who support his hatred of them.


So who OKed this? Because, yeah, not ok with my kid getting searched with out my express permission (which most likely would be a no).


Cops do whatever they want and arrest anyone who protests. They’re a legal gang, complete with gang executions, gang rape, robbery and extortion.



There are people who carry the label of Sex Offender and have to register for life for committing less invasive assaults. The potential damage done to kids far outweighs the chance of a baggie found on the kids person.
Fucking Pervert cops


Kind of reminds me of the liar in chief. Power thinks it can do what ever it wants. Did you see the Washington mall women’s group who has the “grab them by the p****” video playing in front of the white house today? Why does sexual harassment always seem to come from the republican side of the world? Pedophiles, mistresses who are pregnant being told to get abortions, Pence and his “mommy”, physically attacking reporters and of course, the bathroom airport stalls, These are some sick individuals the GOP has brought into their fold and must be as nuts as their voters. Should there be any wonder why the NFL is protesting these clowns?


Sounds like a record.


Should there be any doubt about why all of us should protest these vulgar wretches?


I’m wondering whether the sheriff’s actions were repulsive enough to receive a presidential pardon. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t offended the judiciary yet…


I do on a daily basis. Look at Faux entertainment for more on white male
sexual issues and you can see where the GOP get’s their idea’s on what men
can do.


Is that a baggie of weed in your pocket, or are you just unhappy to see me?


You know, I think that I am just going to stare at some clouds this weekend.




Well, there’s a reason why he was called ‘tricky dick’, and not just because of watergate or the other election shenangians of the time.


Apparently, it was the cops themselves and nobody else. What i’ve heard is that the cops just told the school officials (with hints of intimidation) that the mass search was going to happen.


I wish I could share your confidence.