Geri Hahn is an artist who can see sound

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As influential 20th century composers go, Olivier Messiaen (yet another synesthete) was one of the giants. Musical color was important to Messiaen. His own synesthesia “caused him to experience colours when he heard or imagined music (his form of synesthesia, the most common form, involved experiencing the associated colours in a non-visual form rather than perceiving them visually)”.

I don’t believe his synesthesia influenced his compositions. I do wonder what he “saw” though in 1946 as he began composing his Turangalila Symphony, a joyously crazy celebratory piece (exemplified here in the 5th movement) which must have symbolized his own joy at the end of WWII; he survived 5 years in a German prison camp.

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Geri Hahn is an artist who claims they can see sound.

Just saying.

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