German in Venice offers an update on Venice Beach's humanitarian crisis

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The USA has billions of square feet in homes/retail/commercial property that is empty, this isn’t hard folks, the THEY just don’t want to fix the issue. The THEY use “imminent domain” on the poor when it suites them, start using it on the monied classes I say.


What we need a sports team owner to demand a stadium be built in the center of a failed development so that the city will eminent domain them the next day, and then go “psych” and use the homes as low-cost housing.

Good luck finding a team owner with a conscience, though.


This neighborhood just fought off the Penske family turning a Church* into a mega-mansion.

*historic black church in famously redlined neighborhood


One of the most shocking things I noticed when I started venturing out more after lockdown eased was how many people are without homes now. So many encampments across my city in areas I had never seen them in before. Loss of work from Covid, stagnant wages, and a ridiculous investment fueled housing market has combined to make a bad situation so much worse.


Venice Beach, California is one of the places city leadership has apparently determined a dumping ground for humans

There seems to be a definite lack of will in Venice. I contrast it with what’s gone on at the veterans’ ho.eless encampment near Brentwood over the past few years. An informal and chaotic and unsanitary street encampment became more organised and orderly and clean. Then the tents were moved off the street into the adjoining military cemetery. Now the tents are giving way to what looks like a tiny home transitional village

I assume what makes the difference is the involvement of the VA and/or the military and/or the feds.

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The VA was gifted as a veterans’ home and is instead rented out to the bidders most willing to make side payments to hard to trackdown government officials, it seems. There was a recent story on the horrors and lack of transparency.

Venice is sort of this bastard child of LA, who took it over in the 1920s and has tried to make it skid-row west ever since.

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Totally nailed it.

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