The Venice Beach boardwalk is pretty much clear of homeless encampments

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Aye, it’s going to be a national tragedy in real-time during the hottest month of the year.


I thought we have two months more before the moratorium in CA expires (September 30, 2021)?

But yeah, it will be a new kind of awful at that point.


Surveys REPUTEDLY showed that the vast majority of the people on Venice Beach were from out of state and some from out of the country. The majority of the folks encamped on the boardwalk were not former locals who had run out of luck. They were coming in from all over the US due to Venice’s long standing tolerance and simply more draconian policies elsewhere.

I want to be super clear – I think everyone is a person and should be helped. I am not at all standing behind the ‘take care of only our own’ thing some Californians are up about.

I do think there can be different sorts of care and that community housing and care can be prioritized to people with long records of residence in an area – if just to keep them with their COMMUNITY. However, if someone’s community has failed them so badly as to find them living in an EZ-Up with plywood walls 2000 miles away – I am not convinced sending them back is helpful.


I did not know that the vast majority were from out of state even though I knew that our mild CA climate attracts many out of staters.

For sure. I just think we will see even greater numbers after 60 days, and this will be heartbreaking, to say the least.


I’ve found recently there’s also a small contingency of the criminal element who use homelessness as a ruse in the San Diego County area, because of the ease with which they can simply cross the Mexico border to avoid police and/or prosecution.

It’s people like this who give a black eye to the regular folks who are simply trying to stay alive and get back to normal.


I have absolutely found that the most likely burglar/bike thief/person casing the neighborhood here is not homeless but rather one of a number of clearly well equipped and experienced burglars using the cover of the homeless to steal. My security cameras attest.


Yeah, assholes. No matter what city they’re in.


Today at Sunset and OFW — probably 3x yesterday’s presence.


As much as I hate to say it, given the mobility of the chronically unhomed, it really should be federal funding with local oversight. It really is a “USA” problem, not a local problem.

Although honestly, the absolutely insane housing situation in parts of California doesn’t help, either.

I am really kind of annoyed at the way the government is handling the eviction bans. They needed to do something to keep people in their homes during the pandemic (WHICH AIN’T OVER) but leaving the renters with ruined credit histories and the landlords without their back rent possibly getting foreclosed on themselves… isn’t exactly a win/win solution here. I’m not exactly crying over lost rent for large corporate land lords, but the people who “own” a couple of houses to rent out for their retirement fund… I mean, I want the government to find ways to get people paths to home ownership, but this isn’t that.


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