German police: naruto running Area 51 is so yesterday - storming a cyber bunker five storeys down is the shit!

That’s what happens if reality catches up with Gibson.

Wait for the TV movie adaptation.

ETA: someone tip off the editors, that’s enough material for the front page.


Slightly pedantic: a raid is when a police investigation leads them there.

SWATting refers to the act of some pissant little shit false-alarm calling down SWAT on someone else.


I knew, but I chose to ignore this. I kind of liked the connotation.

Well, I’ll change from “cyber bunker swatted” to “German police: naruto running Area 51 is so yesterday - storming a cyber bunker five storeys down is the shit!”

I’m open for other headline suggestions, the more hyperbolic the better. <300> This is BB! </300>


Plod Pierces Darknet-Dougout?

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It appears to have onocked tvchaos offline as well, which is annoying.

To obscure, IMO.

I wonder, this is still no news on BB? I would have guessed that this story would be interesting to the editors. This was a rather large hoster, apparently.

ETA, @GilbertWham: is/was that a Torrent search thing?

I would really be curious how large that thing was, in regard to sites hosted, traffic etc. Network analysis stuff.

Yeah, torrent site specialising in UK TV. Particularly well-curated. Hopefully they’ll find another host soon.

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Makes me curious if BREXIT will have any effect on the availability of streaming and torrent sites.

Haven’t used a torrent in years, btw. But quite some friends recently complained that their favourite filehosters geo-blocked European and US IPs, and VPNs were uselessly slow.

Wonder if that thing also had some filehosters inside. And what uplink they had, particularly in that region. That’s rather rural.

Yeah, it’s scuttlebutt that’s why they’re down, but the timing is right.

I’d love to know the details of how logistics worked for this operation.

Hiding stuff in a bunker has copious rule-of-cool; but also involves a lot of activity around what is supposed to be an abandoned building; significant power draw, decent internet connection, etc.

It’s hard to be off the grid and a useful hosting service at the same time. Makes me wonder what they were doing to obfuscate their location(some…irregular…hooking up to the electrical grid seems likely, less clear how that would work for data); and whether the location came to official attention because of investigation of its online activities or because of its logistical oddity; or some combination of the two.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was legitimately rented!

“HRH Prince Sven Olaf of CyberBunker-Kamphuis.”

Ozzy, there’s now a prince of Darknet. And he’s called Olaf.

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Moers & Pigor should make a “Im Darknet-Bunker brennt noch Licht” song & video.

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