The downfall of Silk Road, and with it, the so-called Dark Net


One thing I don’t understand is how the Silk Road servers were supposed to remain hidden. My understanding of TOR is that anybody can operate an exit node, and any exit node has to be able to translate TOR addresses to IP addresses. Once you have that, it’s just a bit of police work to find the server and hosting and track the money back to the operator.

There is also something calle TOR hidden services. These services are only accessible within TOR - your traffic enters the TOR network, but does not go back out through an exit node. The hidden service also establishes some connections into the TOR network, and publishes its services on TOR rendezvous points - so, your traffic traverses several TOR hops to get to the rendezvous point, and several more to get from the rendezvous point to the hidden ultimate endpoint that offers the service.

Silk Road ran on such a hidden service.


that we know of.


The darknet has fallen. Long live the darknet.


THE Dark Net? There are many, many Dark Nets. This event will only spur a temporary increase in security consciousness among the user base. Tor isn’t going anywhere, nor is I2P, etc. etc.

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The downfall of Silk Road, and with it, the so-called Dark Net

That’s not a Dark Net… THIS is a Dark Net.


The author of this article misunderstands the technical situation in ways that make me question the rest of their analysis.

At first I was concerned, because I worried that darknet FUD will discourage people from participating in outlaw networks. But then I realized that darknet FUD is inevitable, has existed, and will continue to exist. Because the darknet has always been politically impossible, it will never be acceptable or even tolerated. Its existence is fundamentally an act of war against authority. So the darknet lives and dies on the technical reality. And the technical reality is still unshaken, so who cares what Gawker writes?


My takeaway has been that if you want to run a DarkNet or Secure Email Service, don’t run the servers in the US.

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I think Freedom Hosting was located in Ireland.

Buscemi bait.

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Ah, ok. Then my takeaway should have been, “Do this in Russia.” :smile:

Gawker? Adrian Chen? No thanks. I value credibility and integrity in my news sources too much.

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That was my first reaction. “Wait, Gawker article? You mean ‘linkbait-titled photo book,’ right?”

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