Eight more arrested in global Silk Road busts


This guy from Bellevue Washington was arrested a few days after the main arrest. According to the article he was busted by drug sniffing dogs but you have to wonder if they knew exactly which box to sniff.

Silk Road Bellevue Arrest

Support your hardworking local drug dealer instead of buying from giant faceless Internet retailers.


This article breathlessly describes dealers of “hard drugs” such as cannabis. Really? The NSA totally shows their hand by taking down Freedom Hosting… to nail a couple of Swedish potheads? And as a result, terrorists around the world have been helpfully reminded to always run TOR with Javascript off.

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Sadly, their identities were likely revealed by confiscation/duplication of the SR server data not through javascript exploits of TOR.

Also Ulbricht, if he even is DPR, was caught by dropping the ball once for one minute. Why such a guy would make ANY accounts in his own name is beyond me and IMO casts doubt on that as an explanation for catching him.

Thanks authorities for teaching us how to build SR 2.0 in ways that would avoid people being caught.

  1. Host outside the reach of US law
  2. Site operators should live outside of the US
  3. Do not keep addresses or names on record, insist on all particulars being entered each time
  4. Site operators and users should use a chain of BTC wallets to get their money off the site and periodically convert their BTC to gold and bury that shit somewhere safe.

They closed Napster… teh interwebz gave us torrents. They close SR and teh interwebs will provide an even better alternative.

Also, some dude found the wallet to which the FBaii transferred the seized SR coins. Go here to drop them a message.


The Raspberry Pi was supposed to encourage schoolkids in the UK and elsewhere to take an interest in technology beyond what regular IT classes were teaching - basically how to use MS Office. The idea was to give these kids a cheap computer a little closer to the silicon bones where they could learn to program and build things, not just hit a run button.

I am going somewhere with this.

Napster was easy. Limewire was easy. By the time we get to torrents, you’re starting to have to be a bit more discriminating, a bit smarter about what you’re doing. Sure, every time the “Feds” shut down or thoroughly compromise Web skullduggery, something else springs up to replace it but what replaces it does tend to get that little bit more complicated.

So, in a way it’s law enforcement that’s driving tech education amongst the young and the real reason that we never saw an explosion of bedroom coders when computers became ubiquitous is because most of them are devoting their spare time to figuring out the cutting edge way to rip off the latest Bob Dylan track, or whatever it is that the kids are listening to on their Walkmen.

Not even the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers could make Silk Road cool.

Not sure I agree. I’ve never understood why people perceive torrents as ‘not easy’ but then I spend an awful amount of time on teh interwebs. I also think that Limewire/KaZaA were easier than torrents, but also easier to be tricked into downloading junk files or viruses because there was no comment system for the community to vette downloads and warn if they were junk, contained malware or weren’t as labelled.

…that we never saw an explosion of bedroom coders…

Dude! Where do you think Bittorrent, TOR, Bitcoin & SR came from? These things don’t write themselves.

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