Tor: network security for domestic abuse survivors


I’ve long paid for a business internet circuit with static IPs and a TOS that lets me do whatever (legal) things I want for the home office. This article has finally convinced me to stand up and run a tor exit node despite the risks that could come along with it.


This is a good reminder that some people can have something to hide and something to fear without doing anything wrong, and that it’s not just government and capitalists who want to monitor peoples everyday activities.

I hope the various shelters can keep ahead in the security arms race, and that anyone who can help them with this offers what they can.


Isn’t TOR more useful for occluding where you’re looking at things from, not what you’re looking at? I’d have thought OS-on-a-stick would be more useful in the case of a controlling partner? Surely, a keylogger on the machine using TOR would give more than an inkling of what they’ve been up to, onion routing be damned?

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