Own your crypto-extremism with the Torrorist tee


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The initial circuits set up be the default Tor bundle are ridiculously easy to monitor. It is orders of magnitude harder to monitor inter node traffic, but not impossible (if you own a significant number of entrance and exit nodes).

Tor is great, but two things–ease don’t use it for torrents or syncing blockchains, and for the love if FSM obfuscate the fact you are hitting an entrance node.

What is that, is that a torrent thing too?

How? And what’s the issue there?

Torrents are one problem, the blockchain for crypto currencies is another. In summary they are high bandwidth activities that strain already limited resources.

Second, tunnel your traffic to a non Tor server (ssh, openvpn, encoded DNS :D) before hitting the Tor entrance node.


Oh and the issue is even encrypted if I see packets coming from you with high entropy/randomness, you have just made yourself a target. If you tunnel via ssh to a VPS in say Brazil before you set up your Tor circuit, then it forces your adversaries to go beyond simply Tor stats.

Oh, and the NSA runs 1/3 or there about of routers. So if you enter and exit a captured router the NSA doesn’t even have to do any work.

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They hate us for our freedoms.


I saw the picture before reading the title, totally thought the guy on the right was peeing.

What is it about every TOR thread that brings out the FUD slingers?


Tor is a great tool, but depending on your mission and location it is faaar from adequate. That isn’t FUD, it is just good sense.

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