"Personal Internet security" is a team sport

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And yet, two men can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

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I’ve toyed with the idea of hosting a TOR exit node, but the idea of having people trying to access kiddie porn from my IP address is disturbing on a couple of different levels. It would be easy enough to set up an intermediate node, but I have to wonder how much help that would be (compared to an exit node, I mean).

Anyhow, has anyone reported legal or ISP problems owing to their TOR node?

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https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorExitGuidelines <-- Some info about running an exit node.

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Many kinds of disturbing information are available on the internet, and it is possible to voice unsavory opinions. You don’t have to leap to the assumption that TOR is for child pornography; people use it for all sorts of things you wouldn’t approve of. Pity it doesn’t come with nice strong filters to keep people from doing bad things.

Well written, but what the hell can you do if the team is asleep??? How does the average “Joe” wake them up??

I’ve installed and tried using PGP and tried to get my friends and family at least interested enough to try it, but it’s like they’re all someplace else. Snowden almost woke them up a bit, then right back to the games, the shitcoms, the downloads of the day, and the text-messaging. I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall here, and nobody really gives a shit! As for them trying Tor? Tails? 'No thanx, I just use Windoze!"

Today’s the 4th of July; we’re supposed to be celebrating the birth of our country; but it doesn’t feel alive anymore; not dead yet, it just seems to be ‘fading away’ right in front of us!

I feel like until we get to the point where “mom and dad” send each other grocery lists encrypted because it’s so easy and convenient to do so, we’re not going to see mass adoption. GPG is great but it’s meaningless if no one else you communicate with has and uses it.

I’ve taken to signing my emails with GPG in the hopes that people will be curious enough to ask, having learned that I don’t have a hope in hell of dragging them through it if they don’t have any interest.

Even then, I know that getting them set up with it is not enough to keep them using it if it’s irritating.

I had a message I sent myself a few weeks ago fail verification of the key … and no indication whatsoever as to why it failed (I accidentally left HTML on for that message and that seems to have been the cause).

Until we give people the tools they need (and “easy and convenient” is the missing part they need), we can’t fault them for failure.

I started doing some ground work for that myself but it’s a huge project so when Silent Circle started talking about doing more or less the same thing I was planning, I decided to wait and see if their solution was viable. Can’t really tell by looking at their website whether or not they’ve got a service related to what I was planning yet.

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