The New York Times is now a Tor onion service


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Could be interesting if they use it for secure drops of information leaks.

Of course, this presumes that a significant number of exit nodes haven’t been compromised by various TLA’s. We have no way of knowing, but the proof of concept attacks about this have been known for a while.


OMG-- the Grey Lady venturing into the “dark web”. Will they be advertising prostitutes and drugs ?
Have they been taken over by Russians?


Calling Silk Road an “online marketplace” is like calling El Chapo an entrepreneur.


So let me get this straight. NYT just got bought out by The Onion? It’s about time.



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It’s a good thing they come in white


you can also support breastcancerawareness, if you don’t already have a fracking bit.


Hmm. I thought exit nodes were only a problem if you exited the Tor network - ie, visited regular websites with Tor. Are exit nodes involved when you access a .onion site?


“Time for read New York Times!”


This entire article assumes people want to read the New York Times.


Their cooking section is great!


No. The hidden service is within the tor network itself. Further, the hidden service doesn’t even know who is talking to it, the traffic is contained entirely within the Tor network, with the associated redirections, encryption, and such that prevents any node from understanding what is being passed through it or to it.


Thanks, for confirming that. Which is why having NYT as a .onion is a big improvement over just visiting them over Tor.

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