German policeman shames photo taking rubberneckers at a fatal crash scene

Verkehrspolizei Feucht.

The filter doesn’t do Teutonic.


Many years ago, certainly before the advent of PC’s, I recall reading a science fiction story - I wish I could remember the name of it. In it the poulace was divided up into just a few types and a large sector of the population was totally preoccupied with recording everything they saw. They were also functionally incapable of actually intervening or assisting - only recording. At the time I thought this to be an utterly absurd notion or prediction of the future. Now, selfies, vloggers (anybody want to see what I had for lunch?) and these rubberneckers. The author must have been prescient.


Good for him. Rubbernecking is a ghoulish scourge to traffic and human decency.


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This is the normal situation for a lot of BB readers. Welcome to the rest of the world :slight_smile:




Exactly this. BILD will be the first shithole to print and post pictures of dead people from that crash. Bought from or uploaded by those “rubberneckers”.


You misspelled their term “citizen reporters”.


People, do not give them clicks.

Someone, please search another source and forward it to @frauenfelder. Please.


It’s a video by BILD, so that would be difficult.

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There are other sources.

This here is not embeddable, but have a look. Starts in English, BTW.

ETA: to be clear, this is NOT original BILD content, but I haven’t seen the BILD video and will not click it. Fuck them, with a pineapple.


Here you go: @frauenfelder

or a shorter version from the Tagesschau:

I don’t know who actually took the video but I’d bet it wasn’t anyone formally affiliated with Bild. They’ve just bunged their logo on it.


Thank you so much. @frauenfelder, would you mind swapping the video? BILD is very much not compatible with any of the values BB and BB BBS are supporting.


He mostly says the same to the German drivers as he says in English to the Polish** (I believe) guy.

And then he explains that people are disrespectful and that it is dangerous because they are causing traffic jams (the traffic jam in the opposite direction was caused by people gawking at the accident), which leads to more accidents and problems.

That’s very much the gist of it.

** I think the driver of the van that got invited “to come have a look at the corpse” is Polish from his accent. Definitely of Slavic origin. If that’s so, I am not surprised - sadly Polish drivers, especially truckers, are one of the worst menaces on the European roads. They ignore the rules, they speed, they don’t give a damn about safe distances, don’t respect mandatory safety breaks, they drive dangerously, often distracted watching TV in the cabs … They aren’t the only ones doing it but they are by far the worst and most notorious for it.

Case in the point - if my hunch is right then the deceased trucker was also Pole, given that the policeman said he was from the same country as the van driver …


Thank you @L0ki , and also @LutherBlisset. You’re both correct.

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Well, thank you for your interesting little prejudiced anecdote.

According to the news reports the deceased driver was in fact Hungarian.

But there you go Hungarian/Polish, they’re all the same /s


From his tone, that’s what I was guessing. Though irresponsibility knows no nation. Just saying.

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It actually translates to “If you’re not going to stop filming instantly and put that smartphone away I’ll come over there and pull you out of your car!”.
He also says quite the same in English around 00:01:20 plus something more drastical.


For context, BILD is basically a seamy, lowbrow national tabloid with even less standards than the UK’s Daily Mail. Writing is as basic as possible, often casually racist, as it prefers to show lurid pictures. As the venerable old band Die Ärtze sang, BILD consists only of Angst, Hass, Titten und das Wetterbericht (from the song “Lasse Redn”).

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Mark @frauenfelder, please, could you link to another video? Several people but me corroborated my point, and you can as well look it up on Wikipedia.

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