Germany investigates Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook over failure to remove hate posts

And what has that got to do with hate speech directed against minorities?

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At face value, that statement does seem true to me.

On matters of free speech I dont agree. The wonderful (IMNSHO) thing about the protections in the US is that even though hate groups are allowed to publish, so are my favorite rabbis. I’m a believer in sunshine as a cure here. “Bad” ideas are best exposed, not hidden. Once out in the sunlight they can be countered.

The above is part of why I find “hate speech” laws both laughable and sad at the same time. Generally the laws are toothless but it lets some people feel they have done something about the problem. The thing is, no law will change people’s thoughts.

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The problem in the US is that they constantly rub one out over free speech and guns but forget that rights/liberties are connected and in isolation are of little use.

Free speech, right to privacy and freedom of press for example are deeply interconnected. While the US has arguably a very liberal implementation of free speech the other, equally important rights, are severely lacking. Mass surveillance and lack of privacy has a chilling effect on free speech and the USA isn’t exactly a shining example of freedom of press, a medium to disseminate speech.


All that other stuff is besides the point. Not really stuff that is in my birdhouse, try @doctorow if you want someone passionate about those.

And have been for a very long time:

And continue to be so today:


Why wouldn’t they be? Or are these rabbis themselves promoting hate of another social group?

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but FB is becoming a very, very ugly place in the german-speaking world. To be charitable, I assume a lot of that is due to too few “censors” fluent in German. So while it is easy to ban people for the use of swastikas etc, even if used ironically, identifying the actual hate speach is harder.


In one case, that accusation was made but still his Torah lectures and writing were very good.

Something something Ayn Rand Cato Institute leftist politically correct.

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There are plenty of persons fluent in German, but likely not that they can pay low enough for the work / in the Philippines.

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Sure, I wasn’t saying that there aren’t enough german speakers around. But not enough german speakers that FB would pay a reasonable salary to.

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freedom of speech may be legally limited* but the jury is still out: the whole concept of jaywalking as a crime is unknown here

* not necessarily a bad thing, the laws and connected court cases give a rather good definition of the limits of free speech, the discussion about the meaning of “hate speech” is much less toxic here

I never said that it was.

Again, I wasn’t comparing the US and Germany. I’ll be the first to acknowledge that the US is much higher on the Hitler scale right now. That having been said, you don’t censor something when you’ve made social progress, you censor something because you haven’t. Progress is when hateful ideas are so marginal that they’re no longer perceived as a threat.

Please don’t read me as arguing that our social system is better than yours. It’s just that I disagree with the concept of state censorship.

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