Germany orders Facebook to stop collecting some personal data without consent


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Yep! No probs, Germany! We’ll get right on that! (snicker)



There’s some irony in giving this
particular “order”…


Anyone have an idea if Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ (people who have never signed up to Facebook’s T&Cs, but who interact with it by visiting sites littered with tracking code) are GDPR compliant? They can clearly capture personal data, and possibly sensitive personal data and it wouldn’t be impossible to use them to identify an individual - but no informed consent has been given by the user and they have no way of asking Facebook to delete the data.


I’d guess not. In fact, isn’t that what this ruling is (at least partially) based upon?

(Haven’t read it, sincere question.)


Yeah, good luck with that Facebook.




Every time I see his face, I think of how he appears to be tiptoeing along the edge of the uncanny valley. Also, I want to hit it with something, although that’s more to do with him than how he looks.

They, more than anyone, should have learned from history what can be done with collections of personal data. Especially data unwillingly given.

The fact that Facebook is appealing the ruling, instead of admitting that it’s shady shit they are up to, is certainly telling.


My impression of the German article is that it is harsher than the BBC article. The Cartel office is calling out the FB business model as fundamentally problematic, which I’m reading as an objection to appearing to provide a service to the user when actively working for interests other than those of the user.

… a theme previously discussed at length on this board with, I must say, heartening insight and refreshing levels of reason and civility … :slightly_smiling_face:



Love the wording on that headline though:

Germany orders Facebook to stop collecting some personal data without consent

…but it’s still OK if they collect all personal data without consent?



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