Germany to allow "indeterminate" gender on birth certificates


But, but, but, That’s Unnatural!

How can you go against nature like that, letting babies whose developmental trajectories caused them to end up with ambiguous genitalia just remain the way they developed? Only aggressive medical intervention, ideally heteronormative, can possibly be what nature intended!


Really happy to see some more open minded science based policies coming from countries these days - however, should you want to remind yourself of the closed minded idiots that populate this earth, take a look at some of the user comments on the BBC article. Makes me sad that does.

I wish the BBC just kept their comments closed - they rarely open up a topic to conversation, and whenever they do it’s rather coincidently on controversial topics - and rather oddly they tend to get filled to the brim with YouTube-esk grunting, and even more oddly get down-voted to oblivion. It’s like the BBC comments section is filled with loud idiots and silent academics.

I understand click bait and flame bait, and their function on a website. The BBC has literally no purpose for either (unless they show ads to people outside of the UK?).

(I couldn’t resist, I had a peek. They actually looked pretty progressive when I looked, maybe they changed - I’ve certainly seen MUCH worse examples of commentary on the BBC)

Furthermore, it is not mentioned at all in Leviticus, and is therefore contrary to God’s Will.


This is great for folks with ambiguous sex at birth. It horrifies me so much surgery is done to “correct” interex genital presentation.

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I think the worst got moderated - some people openly alluding to support for what amounted to eugenics, a fair few “it’s not natural [read: it doesn’t say that in the Bible]” and the usual bigotry. I think after a few of those type of posts more people came in defending and supporting the change, so some people at least appear to have commented intelligently.

For those with indeterminate physical genitalia, this is a good thing. But what about those with one or the other physically-expressed sexuality, but abnormal sexual genetics (XXYs for example). Those individual have issues that show up later in life. . . This only seems to address those with immediately evident gross deviation from the generic phenotype. . .

Is that the section where they genetically engineer sheep by making them look at colored sticks? I can never keep them straight…

Also, I believe anything contrary to God’s Will is Obama’s fault.

So what do you want? All newborns checked out genetically so your desire for consistency can be officially satisfied on the record? Subject those children to whatever parental and medical crazy overtakes them before the kid can even begin to develop? Would be great, if it would result in those kids getting treated better, but I don’t see that happening. People are still people, and will continue to do stuid and cruel things, no matter what is written on a piece of paper somewhere.

I don’t have a prob with hermaphrodites being listed as such, except for the fact that there needs to be a way to alter the records later and burn the original, if a dominant gender is determined and acheived. It’s not cool to officially saddle these kids with that history. They already have enough problems. What’s the goal, anyway? Saddles them with a bunch of researchers’ ambitions? What?

Alice, the term for people is “intersex.” Thanks.


The term for people is ‘people’. I used no improper or inaccurate words, though you are certainly welcome to use whichever ones you prefer.

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Whether you think you used improper words or not, it’s kind of shitty to go around calling intersex people “hermaphrodites.” This (thankfully!) isn’t SNL or the 1950s. (You can check with the Intersex Society of North America or start on Wikipedia if you’d like to do some reading. I recall that GLAAD used to have this in their media reference guide as well.)


Actually, no. The German law apparently allows “X” at birth: it does not APPEAR to deal with issues discovered later, that’s all. . .

Sounds slightly better, put that way. Forgive me if I’m just a little mistrustful of government moves these days…I keep finding so very little that is done to actually benefit the people themselves.

Milady, what do you expect from politics ?

Consider the origin of the word:

“poli” - Greek root-word, meaning “many”

“ticks” - small blood-sucking vermin.


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