Germany will become the second EU country to legalize recreational cannabis

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And we’ve got Braverman considering upgrading it to Class A. My sunlit uplands seem to be lacking a certain something.


The new law will allow Germans to acquire and possess less than an ounce of weed, and will allow folks to grow their own.

“ounce”? ah, there’s the metric…

Acquiring and possessing up to 20 to 30 grams of recreational cannabis for personal consumption would also be made legal.

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Rather envious of the “grow their own”, sitting as i am in one of the most liberal marijuana zones in the states (Washington state) and we aren’t allowed to do that. (“Well it’s ‘big weed’ setting that rule now isn’t it?”)


Oh meine Göttin, das ist fantastisch!


Fucking farcical, isn’t it?

Also, if you weren’t aware, the UK is one of the (if not simply “the”) largest exporters of cannabis in the EU. The Government is so contradictory on these issues it’s blimmin’ absurd. We actually have people who are legally prescribed cannabis for a number of issues on the NHS - and they’re trying to claim that it should be re-classed as a substance with “no medicinal value”. Mmm-hmmm.

Also bear in mind who the owners of the crops being produced and sold abroad are - the husband of Teresa May, for one. The other one is I believe also a Government spouse.

So, the biggest drug dealers in the UK? The Government.

But they won’t let you enjoy it, oh no; Slippery slopes. Peer pressure. Think of the children.

All while they brush cocaine usage in the House of Commons under the most ornate and expensive carpet you can find.

They. Fucking. Disgust. Me.


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I thought they left some of it in the toilets.


What country was first? Oh it was Malta how did I miss that?

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I’m sure a lot of people would expect that it was the Netherlands, but despite their early lead in decriminalization, it’s still illegal there unless it’s consumed on the premises of a coffee shop. They really got to get with the times.


Portugal decriminalised recreational cannabis use 20 years ago (up to 25 grams), but decriminalisation is not the same as legalisation.


About time.
The best part is that now quality isn´t a lottery anymore when you buy weed.


It will be interesting to see how they handle driving. At the moment that can be pretty nasty. Even without current impairment evidence of recurring consumption can get you classified as a habitual drug user who lacks the character to be trusted with a car.


You wish!


Good for them


Oh, yeah. :face_exhaling:



It’s not a sure thing yet - there are additional steps that have to be taken, and its ultimate adoption is not guaranteed. See, for example (in German): Cannabis wohl bald legal in Deutschland | Deutschland | DW | 26.10.2022

It’s been gratifying to see Health Minister Lauterbach throw his weight behind this - in general, he’s a voice of reason.

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This is what happens when you get a combination of greens, libertarian-lites and social democrats in charge. The real driving force has been Dr. Karl Lauterbach, the health minister who, to the best of my knowledge, still has his own practice. Treating cannabis as a health issue on par with alcohol means shifting to regulation instead of prohibition.

It’s fascinating to watch, the current discussion now about the nuts and bolts and how to minimize the attractiveness of the black market. Some of the older members of the apothecary lobby are still grousing about how it’s not harmless, but I think that’s because they want to control the legal market.

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