Germany will end copyright liability for open wifi operators

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So anyone know some open wifi spots in Germany? I am asking for a friend.


two points:

  • the draft law is not published, so the planned changes are not 100 % clear yet
  • “Störerhaftung” as a legal construct is in most cases based on copyright and trademark, not the law discussed in the article

if the law will really remove the requirement to secure WLANs or identify users this will be great and will result in more hassle-free usable networks. but it is not a free pass for arguing “sorry, I run an open WLAN. I’m not to blame for someone leeching terrorbytes of Hollywood movies over my connection”[quote=“TobinL, post:2, topic:77907”]
open wifi spots in Germany

the most active and coordinated project for free (as in speech) WLANs is Freifunk, and the proposed law change will most likely not change this. but many cafés and bars run a hot spot - find one, order a drink (or three) and ask for the WPA key

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Boing Boing is the only place where I still hear about the German Pirate Party.


Is there a good summary somewhere that compares different countries on this issue? E.g. what is the law about this in the US?

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