Germans Can Help Save the Internet from the Copyright Directive!


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I’m on it, I’m on it…

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Germans Can Help Save the Internet from the Copyright Directive!

nope, we cant. not really. cause nobody really knows here in schland. its just the nerds and some political activists. the mayority (and most of the media) just dont give a fuck until its too late. its common human practice; people need to dive into the shit firsthand before they realise and demanding better.


Actually, I believe we can. It is a rather close race concerning the votes. CDU/CSU has been a driver behind those articles, but so far SPD and the opposition have voted against the articles, unanimously. Only very few people have to change their minds or refrain from voting and the Internet is saved. From what I understand, the final discussion and vote is in September. Seems doable.

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Yep. As I understand it, it is mostly because it was Günther Oettinger who screwed this up, and so the CDU/CSU is backing him out of habit. This is a case where sending old politicians out to pasture in the European Commission is coming back to bitte them in the ass. Again.

I mean, come on, the guy was never all that clever, so why send him to Brussels and give him even more power after he screwed the pooch so badly in Baden-Württemberg? Did they really think he would just quietly go away?

Full disclosure, I am an American expatriate living in Munich, who was a member of the SPD before rejoining Democrats Abroad. I am an unabashed social democrat and an opponent of these ill-conceived bills.

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I really, really hope youre right. as far as it for the SPD goes, I dont trust them at all anymore. but thats just me.

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