Get a factory-refurbished iPad Pro for under $350

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No one calling this out for a terrible deal? I’m disappointed. Not with bb; just the commentariat.

Guess I’ll have to. $350 gets you a 32GB early 2016 edition. $430 gets you a 64GB mid-2017 edition from Mac of All Trades.

Sorry you seem not to have noticed, but most of us are preoccupied discussing topics that matter.

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First paragraph: So rather than spending almost $1,000 on a brand-new iPad Pro, the folks in Cupertino are instead giving you the opportunity to score one for about a third of that price instead.

Last paragraph: Regularly priced at $599, these iPads with the complete accessory bundle are now on sale at more than 40 percent off, just $349.

Longtime readers could be excused for our disappointment at the way BB has become embedded with so much product shilling. But seeing the discount go from 2/3 to 2/5th within a single post is a new low, even by BB’s much-debased standards.

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Wow, you should get a refund off your membership.

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I think $1,000 is the regular price for a new one, and $599 is the typical refurb price. At least that’s how I read it. I note that “the compete accessory bundle” is apparently a case and screen protector. If it had come with the pen and keyboard this might have been a reasonable deal.

But yeah, I’m not jumping out of my seat to buy the base storage 32GB model. I made that mistake once with my iPhone 4. Never again.

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