This renewed Apple iMac is on sale for just $379

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Refurbished is cool. But (not talking about this one specifically) be careful about upgrade ability of older models. I bought a used Mac mini to use as a second computer to access files remotely when I’m not home, and I was a bit annoyed when I realized I couldn’t duplicate my current laptop onto it because the newest OS isn’t supported on that older model.


Does “impressive” mean “small” now? Is it another one of those antiphrases the kids are so fond of?


an 8 yr old imac that already doesn’t support the now current OS. also; can be had, refurbished for $100 less from several other online sources.


Seems too expensive for a monitor.


Three years ago I bought a refurbished up Compaq with a second gen i7, 8gigs of ram, a 500 gig hard drive, with serial and parallel ports, and ps2 for mouse and keyboard. Even a space for a second hard drive, but all nice and compact.

Little reason to buy a Mac now that the hardware is the same, but more expensive.

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This is a Late 2011 iMac, Discontinued in March 2013.

Just want to disclose this information to any potential buyers so they are aware of what they are getting.


Renewed products have gone through extensive testing and have been verified to be completely free of defects by Apple Authorized technicians.

Awesome. When will they have this feature for NEW products?


Well… it isn’t. At all, actually. That’s a weird falsehood that people like to spread – that Apple’s literally using the exact same machine Compaq/HP sells, putting their logo on it, and doubling the price.

Different components, different hardware, different software, and nowhere near as expensive as people pretend they are.


One of my daily drivers is a 2010 i7 Mac, with 16 gig of ram (32 max) and an SSD. It’s quite usable, but is not supported by Mojave (officially). I expect to be using it for another year or so, then hunting for a newer retina model.

the difference here being, you invested in what was, at the time, the high end iMac. The one advertised here was probably the cheapest one they had, when they sold it 8 years ago. out of the gate this machine needs more ram and an ssd, but will still struggle with having i3 processor of a 10 yr old design

The “education special.” Although for a couple of years, I used a Powermac G4 that was similarly positioned because the schools wanted something that could run OS9. It was a powerful machine compared to the similarly priced imac.

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The title says “Renewed”, the body says “Certified Refurbished” and at the end it says “Renewed” again.

Is that word interchangeable?

On the actual store page it says “What Does “Refurbished” Mean?”…

“Usually” when? The iMac I’m using at work is newer than that one, and it’s five years old. Look at how thick that edge is.

I was checking to see how old this is. The model is iMac A1311. According to its from late 2011. Eesh. I might pay $50 for it.

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I still have one like that with a Core2Duo inside from 2007. It got a RAM upgrade and it had its HDD replaces once. Still working great.

I can’t say that of my late 2012 iMac. I gave up on it when, after 4 years of service, it required a video card repair, which basically meant the whole motherboard had to be replaced for over $ 1000, because everything was soldered onto it. That was the moment I built my own rig with state of the art PC components that can easily be replaced seperately.

And SLOW. Apple put 5200 RPM drives in those things. You probably have bigger, faster storage in your phone.

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Perhaps it was renewed in the fiery ritual of Carousel.


I don’t.


  • It’s not a race.
  • Other people than you may exist.
  • Their needs may not match yours.
  • Knowing the price of something does not mean you understand its value.

:joy:I forgot they called refurbished “renewed”!

USB 2.0, too.

Luckily, this iMac predates glue.

Lol, I kinda feel bad for BoingBoing when I open the comments on their sponsored posts and everyone is pissing on the product like an expired campfire…:upside_down_face:

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