Save more than 70% off these refurbished iMac and Mac Mini models

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Not so much about the aesthetic, but about performance and compatibility. I’m sort of looking forward to buying an M2 powered mac for the performance enhancements, and sort of not looking forward to Apple bringing back the era of the Power PC.

The Intel architecture allowed lots of programs to be more easily ported from PC to macs when Apple moved away from PowerPC chips. And Apple has always been an untrustworthy partner for software devs, so I don’t know where the viability of my mac is going in the future.

How long with these be supported by Apple’s OS updates?

Will they still be usable after that, or will they self-brick as a security measure?


Apple products can continue to work for years. But OS updates and reparability are issues. Apple will not repair or sell repair parts for “obsolete” products, ones that have been discontinued for 7 or more years. And since Apple fights the right to repair, you may not be able to get it repaired independently either.

Obsolete products are those whose sales were discontinued more than 7 years ago. Monster-branded Beats products are considered obsolete regardless of when they were purchased. Apple discontinues all hardware service for obsolete products, with no exceptions. Service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products.”

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