These refurbished Mac Mini computers are on sale for up to 50% off

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What does refurbished actually mean? Wipe hdd, blow out with compressed air and wipe with a damp cloth?


Apple Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 320GB - Silver (Certified Refurbished)

The 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor on this 2010 model is still great for work use, and the DVD writer makes it easy to burn movies for your home library. Watching them on the NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256GB video card is pretty satisfying, too.

MSRP: $479

Sale Price: $349

Warning! The nVidia 3xx mobile series of graphics cards is DISASTROUSLY buggy, and is subject to more than one bug that can cause dire overheating issues for no good reason. Stay away!


Its Intel HD Graphics 4000 will keep gamers happy.

Yes, happy that they have a dedicated graphic card in their gaming rig instead of this.


You posted the sale price as being off the new price of a 10 year old Core 2 Duo Mac Mini. The sale price is higher than your other, newer, Mac Mini’s. That’s… unconscionable?

I’ve actually got a Core 2 Duo/X3100 GPU laptop and it runs ok, but not $200 ok. You should take this down.


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These are not good deals. They are mostly very outdated machines and in some cases will not run recent versions of MacOS which puts your data at risk. You can get newer refurbished machines directly from Apple at competitive prices or get some good deals on the secondary market.

Mac Minis are great little machines and relatively easy to swap hard drives and RAM. (Hard drives can be kind of a pain, but if you’re careful and have the right tools it just requires more patience than skill. iFixIt has guides for all the Minis.)


And is a like-new machine with a full warranty. Everywhere else it seems “refurbished” just means “used”.

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A 2.4Ghz Core2Duo refurb for $350? That’s the kind of deal I’d expect to see on eBay from someone who “knows what they have, don’t try to lowball me”.


Been buying refurbs from Macofalltrades for years now. Very happy with the service. Last one (just two weeks or so ago) couldn’t find the boot drive, which was a first. One call to tech support later, I had a link for their customer-facing installer download, with the promise that if that didn’t work, they’d make things right. Never got the opportunity to test their CS quality beyond that, as the reinstall solved the issue.

The default warranty is 90 days. I could have paid extra for the extended warranty – and still paid less in total than buying a refurb direct from Apple. But these are production machines and we can’t really afford the downtime, so I’ll just eat the cost and take them to the local repair shop if and when an issue arises.

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