Get a great deal on 3 years of premium VPN service

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For 90 bucks you can buy an ASUS router for your home broadband connection that has VPN support built in. You can, for FREE, install the Merlin version of AsusWRT on it that even supports OpenVPN. Then, you can connect to your own VPN at home for as long as you want, without having to subscribe to anything.

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Sorry, but as a Linux user, their service sucked for me. I paid for a year, but wound up using only 6 months. After upgrading from Xubuntu 17.04 to 17.10, I had all kinds of problems with their app and service. I bought a year of NordVPN and haven’t looked back. Maybe PIA is better on Windows, but just based on their customer service, I wouldn’t give them another damn nickel.

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This looks like it’s for new subscribers. My sub with PIA runs out next month and I would certainly opt for a multi-year renewal when the time comes.

I got it for my Android phone (when using public WiFi mainly) and it’s been pretty much trouble free except for my banking app. It refuses to do business when I’m on the VPN.

I don’t use their app either. I use OpenVPN Connect which can be controlled by Tasker. I use that to disable VPN when I’m not on WiFi.

I realize I could set up a VPN at home (as suggested by someone above) and I may do that as well as a backup (or to let me use my banking app) but I’m reluctant to push that much traffic through the outgoing side of my home broadband. I don’t Comcast tolerates that on home broadband, forbidding “servers” in their TOSS.

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