VPN Unlimited & To Do Checklist: Lifetime Subscription Bundle


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Gets very high ratings from multiple sites, including torrentfreak. Is very affordable, and offers multiple methods of authentication and session encryption, including Blowfish.


12VPN has been working fairly well for me thus far.




Crowd sourcing for good info? Yea!


Agreed. I’ve been extraordinarily happy with them


I too use torrentfreak’s annual survey as a guide, and have been pleased with PIA’s services. However, I wish VPNs would undertake public security audits to show that their practices match their marketing (because so few things ever do). I would jump ship to the first VPN with solid, privacy-respecting policies to release a 3rd party audit of their implementations thereof.


Same. Even if they cost twice as much as PIA.


I just use other people’s vpn accounts I download from pastebin. (I keed, I set mine up at digital ocean)


There’s that lifetime guarantee again. Annuity companies have to undergo some pretty strict financial regulation before they can offer that. I wonder if it’s the same in the cloud?


I’m about a year and a half in to my three year subscription with VPN Unlimited (that I bought on StackSocial a year and a half ago), and I really have no complaints about the service beyond the slightly lousy Mac app. For a while, I would use the Mac App to download profile files for each regional server which I would name accordingly and keep in a folder - I would then double click the profile to load it whenever I wanted to connect to that specific server so as to not have to use their Mac App - the profile would allow me to simply use the Mac’s built-in VPN menu to connect as needed.
However, I later found out that they offer users who have long-term subscriptions with them the option to use one of their five registrations as a “router” registration, which will involve them sending you an email with your manual PPTP settings and OpenVPN config files that you can use directly in any compatible VPN client (including the one built into the Mac) with the idea that you could put a compatible router directly onto your VPN connection:
"We provide OpenVPN settings to each and every customer with 1-year+ subscription. Please request your settings at support@keepsolid.com to start configuring"
With the settings they sent me, I was able to create manual VPN connections easily, and I was also able to import the OpenVPN file into Shimo and that worked perfectly as well.
For iOS, it’s even easier, because they allow you to download a single profile that includes all the current VPN locations, so you can just use the iOS native VPN settings to activate the tunnel whenever you want, switching servers at will.
Speed-wise, I’ve never had any complaints, and the service has come in handy several times where I was able to access full internet where local IP connectivity was being heavily blocked. I also use it when I’m connected to open WiFi networks to add a layer of protection to my data that would otherwise be trivially simple to sniff.
Your mileage may vary, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised, and I do expect that when my year and a half remaining wears out, I will likely upgrade to the lifetime service.


Last year there were some threads on the Wilders Security Forums about it; it was leaking DNS. By now they’ve probably fixed it.

The one VPN in the BB store that people on Wilders seemed to think was OK was NordVPN, but now that one is gone from the store.


I would love to hear recommendations

You were asking re other VPN services, but here’s a different recommendation that’s at least equally important for your security: dump your iphone and switch to an Android distribution (like cyanogenmod) that allows selective per-app permission granting for accessing network, contacts, etc.

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