Save 89% on a premium lifetime subscription of proXPN VPN

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Yeah… Good luck with that…

At this point it could even be good, but if StackSocial were a movie on Wikipedia, it’s Reception would say it was received with “mixed to negative reviews, and little public interest”. Nuff Said.


Yeah, I was just looking through the VPN options in the store. There are quite a few, enough that it’s not unlikely that one of them’s worthwhile. Ah, but which?

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Why is it always 89% anyway?

ETA: I could have sworn that I remembered that number from earlier offers, but apparently not.

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It’s their “one weird trick.”


Previously, on BoingBoingStore:

Feb. 14: 68% off 3 years of “VPN Unlimited” via StackSocial affiliate link.
Jun. 16: 70% off “lifetime” subscription to “VPN Unlimited” via BoingBoingStore. ($39)
Jul. 17: 74% off “lifetime” subscription to “VPN Land” via BoingBoingStore. ($49)
Sept. 14: 89% off “premium lifetime” subscription to “proXPN VPN” via BoingBoingStore. ($39)

I’m not very knowledgeable about these things, but the comments in these threads would tend to suggest that when you’re looking for a paid VPN, you are looking for

  • transparency,
  • reliability, and
  • ideology.

I.e., you want it to work, you want to know how it works, and you want to know that the guy running the server will press a button that will bring a mountain down on his head rather than open the door for a search warrant from the local (Kyrgyzstan) police.

Dunno how reliable the service(s) being hawked here are, but the fact that I can’t tell from a few quality minutes on Google that these are even different companies borks the transparency requirement, which in turn keeps us from knowing anything about the ideology.

Anyhoo. See you in a month or two.


This particular 89% off proXPN ‘lifetime’ offer is bombarding the Internet at the moment by way of a multitude of different websites. Perform a search for something to the effect of “proXPN VPN: Premium Lifetime Subscription For 89% Off” and see what I mean. That’s warning sign #1.

Warning sign #2 is the use of the word ‘lifetime’. I NEVER trust that word when it comes to paying for something, not matter what the deal. I’ve never seen the word ‘lifetime’ live up to that promise. Not ever.

Warning sign #3 is the fact that NOWHERE on the proXPN website is there any ability to actually buy a ‘lifetime’ subscription for ANYTHING, including their premium service. Huh?!

Warning sign #4 is the fact that I’ve TWICE written proXPN directly for verification of this offer, providing them with its details. They have NEVER replied to me.

Warning sign #5 is a comment posted at, one of the many sites listing this offer. The comment from a fellow named Eric Cook who reports: “It’s say lifetime, but they also says “You’re now subscribed to 2 Years of proXPN Premium”, which one is it? or am I expected to live for only 2 years?”

Warning sign #6 is another comment at from a fellow named Ryan Nguyen who reports: “Ok I just bought and I thought it was proXPN but when you buy it, it is actually TigerVPN by proXPN, not sure what that means but hopefully that helps clear things up.”

Warning sign #7 is the fact that TigerVPN is located in Slovakia. Plus their website pushes Canvas tracking images into visitor’s web browsers, not a good sign of integrity from a VPN service!

7 warning signs is my limit. I call “SHENANIGANS!”


@beschizza ???

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