Good deal on a 3-year-subscription to VPN Unlimited


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This depends on exactly where you travel to - your VPN will work in any
location where your current provider allows a IPSec connection (for iOS
and Mac) or OpenVPN (for MS Windows or Linux).

OpenVPN is good, IPSec might be a problem (possibly weakend by NSA).

Great price. You have a great reputation so I bought it. But that was just about the WORST pay/download/install/start experience I have encountered in a long time. Reduces my confidence in the product.

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I agree with Harold, I’m regretting this already.

I use Private Internet Access and it’s been fantastic. They specifically state in their FAQ that they do not keep any logs so if somebody does start poking around in your business they won’t be able to get anything from them. Their installation app is great and they have lots of support on how to incorporate the service directly into your OpenVPN DD-WRT router so any device that attaches to your wi-fi is automatically protected. They even accept payment using merchant gift cards so you be be truly anonymous if you’re ultra paranoid. At $40/year it’s not the cheapest but I have no complaints so far.

Edit: one feature that I always knew about but only recently started to take advantage of is Netflix streaming from other countries. US-based Netflix streaming content sucks so I just switch over to Toronto and a ton of great shows/movies are now magically available.


Lots of complaints from these guys:

Looks disappointing, as I was looking for something useful in China.

Sounds like it might have been better if they charged more, and hired more (or better) programmers.

Does anyone know if their app is required?

Having an app is a good idea, in that it can make things easier to set up, but you should be able to use other vpn tools to connect to it.

I see no mention of this on their website.

Looks like the Great Firewall is doing some pretty deep packet filtering and are blocking most VPNs at the protocol level.

Found a couple of articles on it though. IPSec/L2TP might still be the best option.

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Would tunneling through SSH-based portforward work?

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Also it looks like that might be an affiliate link. This seems a bit shady to me and I for one think this recommendation is all about revenue for the author and not about the value of this VPN product at all.


The link does seem to work just fine without the final random string of characters. Hmmmm…

I don’t have first hand experience but it appears that Chinese censors block any traffic that appears to be encrypted so you’d need to hide the encrypted traffic inside a normal-looking packet.

Blogs on the topic talk about hiding OpenVPN inside of SSL:

Unfortunately, the SSL encryption used by OpenVPN is not exactly the same as ‘standard’ SSL, and advanced Deep Packet Inspection (of the type increasingly used in places such as China), can tell if encrypted traffic conforms to the ‘real’ SSL/HTP handshake. In such cases alternative methods of evading detection need to be found.

Wow, what a crappy VPN. Does anyone have any advice about VPNs that don’t suck?

Mike upthread seems pretty happy with his.

Mark: since you recommended this - perhaps you could say more?

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I’ll just note at this point, three hours after the OP, that there are now 4 accounts posting in this thread above me, each created in the last three hours for the purpose of posting solely in this thread (and a 5th account that only has one other posting). Perhaps someone has an axe to grind?

// No horse in this race

ETA: I forgot to consider Occam’s Razor: if the product sucks enough, it’s well worth it to register for an account and try to warn others away.


Possible, but sometimes people with a genuine bad experience are motivated to sign up and comment when they see a service they had problems with praised. New sign ups can cut both ways.

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That’s me.

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Phew! Good to know that’s not an axe in your hands. :slight_smile:

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