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That’s not how this works.


Ads like this one make me think that StackSocial uses Mechanical Turk for all of its ad copy… Or maybe someone who writes bail bond TV commercials…


There’s got to be a better way!!


Couldn’t that be done by Markov chains? Doesn’t sound like too complex task.


Hmm…I think you are on to something there, and @codinghorror just “happens” to have a post on them:

Coincidence? Or secret programmer for StackSocial :smiley:


Is this post a paid advert?

I am not criticizing or attacking you for that, but I do want to remind you that the FTC requires that you disclose this detail:



It says “BOING BOING’S STORE” when I look at it, which I think covers disclosure pretty well. Not that this justifies the bizarre collection of words inside the page that seem like the output of like a markov chain of the scripts of bad 90s hacker movies and infomercials.


Depends how you get to the post. I came across from the BBS and clicked “Show Full Post”. “Boing Boing’s Store” never shows up on the page. Granted, I could tell by previous experience with BB’s comically villainous Stack Social store that it was a BB store post, but it was never stated.


True, if you click the “Show Full Post” thing instead of going to the full link then all of the sudden - boom! - you’re hacked (unless you use a VPN).


Getting hacked while drinking coffee and livi g the dream? Buy this banana bottle to keep you safe!

(I think my product pitch made more sense)


Call it user failure if you like, but I did not notice that detail.

It might need to be more obvious.


Nice post.
The online Markov generator link is busted.


Oh, I don’t think it’s user failure at all. The BB powers that be should add a disclosure inside that text.


Shouldn’t that be ‘the powers that BB’?


I don’t think I’ve “browsed the world wide web” since around 1998.




Was that when you joined us radical netizens “surfing the web”?


I Saunter the Graph, thank you very much.