3 VPN options that will help you stay protected in 2019 and beyond

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I’m already using Private Internet Access (previously recommended by BB) that costs an annual fee, vs lifetime. Shouldn’t I expect the possibility of lower quality or performance in some way by switching to a ‘lifetime’ service?

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If they actually are tied to a single device, the “lifetime” part of it borders on a scam. Because there is no device that will last even remotely close to a lifetime. Or else they should be advertising “lifetime OF THE DEVICE”

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Not all lifetime VPNs are equal. I have purchased 2 from BoingBoing. My Tiger VPN has a 5 device limit that is assigned dynamically meaning that 5 devices can be connected at any given time. My other lifetime subscription is Keepsolid. You have a list of 5 connectable devices that can be assigned, activated and deactivated with certain limits, mostly time between activations. Keepsolid also has a limited number of servers that allow torrents. I like having more than one to choose from as various corporate, hotel and restaurant WiFi hotspots end up blocking some and allowing others to operate. I have yet to have the subscriptions expire after 3 or so years so if one stops working now, I still got a bargain.

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The level of “discount” offered tells me a lot about the product. No decent product is sustainable when offered at a 90%+ discount. No product so overpriced that you can sustainably offer it at such a deep discount is worth supporting.


@Lanthade @elk I purchased a lifetime subscription from another shop that sells the same products as the Boingboing one. The product shows a my license is good for over 7300 days, about 20 years. The speed is fine, and it’s relatively reliable. It doesn’t work with Netflix, but you tend to pay a premium for VPNs that claim to. I can’t speak to the sustainability of it, but if it actually lasts 20 years for that price it’s a good deal. I’ve already got a year out of it, which is about what you’d pay for other VPNs.

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ExpressVPN? Nord? PIA? I’ve never heard of these VPNs.

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