3 great VPN options to protect your online privacy and unlock the internet

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Lifetime subscription == “We’re about to go under, and need money. Anything helps.”

I’ve heard good things about HideMyAss though. But it’s so popular it’s universally blocked on streaming services.


They did (don’t know if they still do) keep logs, it’s how that Lulzsec guy was caught. Not something that you’d especially want from a VPN in my book in my opinion.


Torrentfreak’s VPN list is a helluva lot more honest.


As far as I’m concerned, all the VPNs besides PIA sold by stacksocial here are traps. Either for your money, or your data. And I don’t even use PIA anymore. PIA is a good service. Just not particularly fast.


Was this an advertorial for VPNs? One that does not mention which ones keep logs? One where the VPNs were just put there without any research and usage reports? What sloppy bullshit is this?

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Yes, it was an advertorial for a subset of the VPNs sold at an affiliate store. These show up every few weeks. Nobody takes them seriously. Every so often a good VPN (eg, NordVPN) shows up in the list at a good price, so on balance more good than harm.

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