HideMyAss! VPN does exactly what its name implies


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no thanks, nordvpn is the last vpn i’ll ever need!



Woah. No. They haven’t fixed the bug that leaks your IP.



HideMyAss IPs get the fifth degree from any anti-fraud measure.

I hope you like doing those Google CAPCHAs, because you’ll be seeing lots of them if you use this provider. You also get the joy of going through the unlock procedure on your social media accounts regularly because your access is coming from a suspicious IP.


Wasn’t this one of the vpns that was caught giving detailed logs to the feds a few years ago?
If they keep any logs other than was the user logged in It isn’t worth the money you might be paying. If the cops can request the information so can’t the Riaa ,mpaa and your mom.
The only defence is not keeping that information.
I also strongly suggest running this

on any VPN you choose.
And please use the torrent ip leak detection before you do anything torrenty. Lots of vpns leak ip information on torrents.(especially ipv6)

I understand boing boing is a business but you should do some research before you shill. Your due diligence has been really shit in most of your shill posts.
Might I suggest TorGuard VPN?

( Yes I do understand that we have to trust they are actually not keeping logs but why would you choose one that’s already proven it does?)


Guys, guys, come on, the post title is correct. This product hides your ass, not your IP address, data traffic, or identity.


Indeed. HideMyAss has in the past identified people to the police. The other suggestions are good (and TorrentFreak regularly runs roundups of info comparing VPNs). I like Private Internet Access (probably the biggest VPN). There was a court case where the FBI said they couldn’t ID the user of an IP number because PIA didn’t log that. I consider that an endorsement.


Of course the cops would tell you that not logging , strong encryption or even using anonymity applications emboldens the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse (terrorists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and money launderers) but all these people are routinely apprehended by old fashioned police work.


No it doesn’t, not according to the folks up on the ‘Security Now’ webcast; Steve Gibson indicated that these guys are one of the ‘big leakers’…


But what about all the other VPN providers BB says I should subscribe to?


I thought they’d changed their name to “ShowMyAssToEveryone! VPN”.


I’d be seriously questioning those recommendations based on the fact this one is recommended and then going off to do my own research on something like torrentfreak. Personally, i use windscribe and have no complaints.


I have actually not bought things I was planning to buy, just because they were advertised in the BoingBoing store.


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