TigerVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription $29

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These guys keep coming back here with new names. They specifically DO NOT MENTION DATA LOGGING!. If they keep logs of your data, when the feds come calling, you’re toast. In other words, here again is that proverbial 10-foot pole, as in: “I wouldn’t touch this with a 10-foot pole”!

By all means, check them out if you like; than come back and check out one of the best write-ups on VPNs. It’s a bit out of date but still valid with useful info, and at least you’ll know what to look for in a legit VPN service.


Seriously guys. You keep offering us the same shitty VPN deal over and over, yet you also operate a TOR node, and are partnered with the EFF.

You should know better than to try and sell us such a shoddy bill of goods with this horseshit VPN “deal”.

If I see this come up again, I swear I’ll never buy anything from BB on principle. Ever. You’ve tried to feed us this garbage at least three times now. Shame on you.

Finally a legitimate reason to be very disappointed in boingboing.

At least stay consistent with your own avowed principles.


also, for anyone interested, torrentfreak do a great VPN overview;


Isn’t that pretty much BoingBoing, staff and commenters alike? Plus the odd identity thief?


Thank you everybody for so precisely answering my question, “why does this sound too good to be true?”

Painfully, it causes me to wonder about Boingboing’s profit vs. confidence equation in decisions on product features. I have bought some items recommended by Boingboing Bloggers on basis of their ownership, and been disappointed. But that could simply be preference. Featuring TigerVPN feels like it breaks a code. (Pun intended I guess.)

Go back and search for the first time these were posted and how many of us fell for it. Pretty eye opening that they went through with this store front after that horrible experience and keep reposting the same totally crap offer that they were forced to issue refunds for,

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I don’t think that anybody on the BB staff picks these offerings – it’s the “store” account, and those same offerings seem to be what other stacksocial sites offer around the same time, too. I’m not really on any other site that has stacksocial, but I’ve seen that from searches and in discussion threads, here.

I’ve deleted this post. This comment thread will remain up as a record of it having been posted.

We had decided to stop posting VPN products from the store after having been clued in last time, but were asleep at the wheel. We’ll try to do better in future. I’m sorry.

If you think this will save you from The List, you are very much mistaken!


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