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I only looked quickly, but couldn’t see what kind of logging VPNLand does, or their policy for dealing with requests from government agencies. All I found was this on their privacy page:

[quote]Logging Policy
We do not spy on our users and we don’t monitor their Internet usage. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that an end user is involved in criminal activities, we reserve the right to notify law enforcement agencies.[/quote]

“We don’t spy on our users and we don’t monitor their internet usage” could easily be interpreted as “we log activity, but we don’t actively look at it”. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid, though…

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Is this a re-labeled, differently-sourced, or co-branded version of the service you advertised here on February 14 and again on June 16?

I ask because the reaction in the comments was pretty overwhelmingly negative.

Probably more aggressive Googling would tell me, but all the obvious links for both “VPN Unlimited” and “VPN Land” just go to third- or fourth-party resellers like you, many of whom have sold both.

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The privacy and security problem is that the single point of failure is just transferred from your ISP. Google and so on to VPN land. And I doubt VPN Land has the same lobbyist access in Washington as the big players.

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