Protect your identity and online activity with this secure VPN

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There are much cheaper versions ($4.00 a month Nord VPN) that have the recommendation from CNET

Sorry my math skill are bad

I’ve been using PIA for about six months now. Ridiculously easy to set up and I’ve been very happy with it. A minor annoyance in that the BBC blocks connections using their UK addresses.

Finally a decent VPN recommendation and promotion from BB. I’ve been using PIA for a couple of years now and they are fantastic. No logging ever and the service is so fast I can’t even tell.

Only downside is their servers are being blacklisted by streaming sites like Netflix for geo-coding.

Pssst. I use Betternet for Netflix.

Oh, Pretty decent actaually. Though i got ivacy vpn for $39.95. It’s two year subscription and apparently, i can stream netflix UK over it with a little tweaking too.Plus, there seems to be a zero-log policy which is what i’ve been seeking for a log time now.

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