It's your last chance to stay anonymous and save 89% on a Premium Subscription to proXPN VPN

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That’s sooo cool! I remember that last James Bond movie where Bond spent hours surfing the net to find discounted VPN service - Bond really is all about low prices, and about getting all of his OPSEC tech from some random company on the internet.

Also, “James Bond’s 007”?


Another discounted vpn? I’m not disappointed, I’m…

(Seriously, digital ocean, set up your own for like $5 a month)


I had no idea that AOL users were such a large part of BoingBoing’s readership.

Hell, I get that the advertorials pay the writers here, and we’re cool with it. But still - couldn’t they maybe rewrite their copy so it doesn’t seem like they think we’ve emerged from the distant past and are confounded by these blinky glowing screens where letters and pictures appear? I’m pretty sure that if someone reads BB, they already know what a VPN is.


In a twisted way I kinda like the ham fisted advertorials. As long as nobody minds that we gently make fun of them, I think we all win.

And as an aside, I used to support vpns a looong time ago. Back when running TCP/IP and ipx/spx on the same network was perfectly normal. Users were inevitably pissed when they couldn’t access their NetWare drives over their vpn client. Good times.


Oh no! It’s my last chance! Panic panic panic! :scream:

Oh wait, I forgot my cyber-surfboard got run over by a cyber-semi-trailer, so I no longer surf the information superhighway.

I guess I’m OK. Whew!


VPN posts remind me of the days when every third post was either a WiFi hack or a cake “mod”.

Awww…cake mods! Yer makin’ me nostalgic for some Sophie, Violet and Laughable Bumblefuck


Oh my God! My last chance???!?!?!

Do you even cyber, bro? :expressionless:

Yes, dammit! Your last chance.

About 2,970 results (0.39 seconds)"boing+boing+store"


Netflix finally blocked PIA. How long till this service gets blocked?

[quote=“japhroaig, post:3, topic:74349, full:true”]
(Seriously, digital ocean, set up your own for like $5 a month)[/quote]
Funny thing, though, I was running a VPN server on my home network, connected to it from work, used it to browse the information supertubeway, and sites I was visiting were still able to figure out it was me. I don’t know how they did that! Magicians, I tell you!

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embarrassingly shuffles feet

I may have something to do with that…


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