Get a secure phone number with Hushed Private Phone Line -- only $25


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I know BB is just trying to pay the bills, but you can get another number from Google Voice for $20:


Is that what they call it these days?


So, the catch here is that you need an existing data plan (or at least wifi) in order to anything?


Oh feel free, poking fun at the stack social store posts is a hobby here.


Actually, what’s the difference between this and the free version of Google Voice? I’ve got a cell phone, and you can either call my “real” number or my Google Voice number, and as far as I know I’m not paying Google anything for that. Plus I could choose an area code pretty much wherever, if I’m recalling correctly.


I think that if you want to move your existing # to voice there is a $20 charge – otherwise no fee unless making international calls.
edit: I have a ~$15 credit in google voice from when they bought out gizmo5 – it has not been touched in over 5-6 years…


I’ve used Burner, $4 a month and a new number every month. A much better setup than this.


That’s if you want to move an existing number. Getting a brand new GV number is free.

(I have the world’s most awesome GV number, and you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands. The fact that the number was/is FREE is icing on the cake.)



fun fact: GV is a commonly used German abbreviation for Geschlechtsverkehr (sexual intercourse)



I see no reason to retract my former statement! :wink:


it was a public service announcement, no reply needed or expected : D


Is it 5318008?


It’s confirmed: school is out for summer.




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