An easy way to get 2GB of free Google Drive storage

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I do this every year, the free 2GBs is part of my corner the market on webspace plan…

It’s slow, but steady.


Why should I give Google my phone number?

To get 2GB of free Google Drive storage?

To be used as part of 2-factor authentication because you rightfully don’t trust 1-factor authentication which allows attackers to totally pwn you once they have access to your email account?

But, if you have no need for storage or security – no reason at all.

UPDATED to strike out “free”

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No, it costs a phone number. Nothing you have to surrender personal information for is ‘free’.

Fair enough; that’s an entirely valid reason.


Maybe they want to date you. That didn’t even occur to you? Boy are you clueless about romance.


I wouldn’t say it costs you anything, since they aren’t using the number for their own gains, as far as I can tell. I’ve been using two factor authentication from them for years, and haven’t noticed Google, or anyone else calling me at a higher rate than before. Also, I have an Android phone, so they have my number already.

The only way they could implement, and goad users into using, stronger security without a phone, is some sort of fob… Which wouldn’t be as useful, since you couldn’t get SMS notifications and recovery. Email wouldn’t work, as its tied to the potentially comprised account.

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