Get a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero with adapters

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Shows $37.50 for me. Even at the price in the article, this is way over priced.

$13.50 for an OTG and an HDMI adapter? Sheesh…

Edit: Okay, nevermind, there was a selector for the ‘barebones’ version that only comes with the HDMI and OTG adapters.

Or you can buy a NanoPi Duo or Orange Pi Zero with quad core processor for less.

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Is it really overpriced, though?

$40 seems kind of amazing for what is essentially a machine tinier and far more powerful than my wee Casio PB-80.

That may be, but overpriced means it cost more than it should. As @Steve_Goldsmith mentioned, the Orange Pi Zero is a superior board and is way cheaper–and you can actually get them.

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