New $10 Raspberry Pi comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


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This is probably what the Pi Zero should have been in the first place.


Good luck ever finding it for $10.


Shouldn’t be too hard in about a year. I got the original Pi Zero last year for the $5 MSRP.


How much was shipping? Or did you somehow find one in a store?


I think I paid like $12 for 2nd day air. I was getting a bunch of other stuff Including a LiPo battery so I think there were some restrictions. Shipping would probably be just under $10 otherwise. But again I’d be buying it with a project in mind and it would be part of a bigger order.


At this price I’ll finally be able to afford to tape one to my dog, creating a PostCanine cyborg.


I suppose there’s no getting away from micro USB at this point. I would have hoped for mini USB.


I hope you just have mini and micro confused.


I hope USB-C takes over sooner rather than later.


at this point why not usb-c? also why not 2 gigs of ram. and why not…


Because reality.


Woohoo, party like it’s 1999!


Is micro USB not considerably more fragile and poorly standardized?



More fragile, yes. But because of cell phones, I have aprx one million usb to micro-usb cables.


I wouldn’t say they are more fragile. Micro is designed to sustain at least 10000 connection cycles which is more than mini. Also mini doesn’t support OTG so it’s extra worthless in a application like this.


“Why not 2GB of RAM?” Well, for one, the chips they use in all of the Raspberry Pi boards can’t support more than 1GB. So, that’s not going to happen. If you need more memory, there are the ODROID C2 and XU4, the Pine64+, some Orange Pi boards, and many others.


Sold out everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re probably going to be like the previous version where you just can’t find them anywhere and if you do, the shipping is insane.