Raspberry Pi store "much cooler" than Apple's


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But for $600, can I get a model that can’t be repaired?


Not to derail this topic, but if anyone can give me a hint how to opt-out in Oath’s (TC mothership’s) looping recursive horror of data collection opt-outs, I would be pretty thankful. PM, please. Don’t want to spam.

On topic: send updates, @beschizza, and keep us posted on your steps of becoming… illuminated.


Wish I lived near by!

I have about 3 or 4 RPi’s, what a great device, right along side the Arduino in terms of making coding and basic electronics more widely held skills.

I will forever be in debt to the developers of both for enabling me to do so many cool things as a hobbyist and parent.

If you are into either of those types of devices, I encourage you to take a look at the NodeMCU ESP8266 unit. Basically a $2.00 arduino compatible with built in wifi and usb-to-serial.

I guess more of an arduino than RPi now that I think about it, but the GPIOs is what all three have in common that makes me think of them as one class of device.

I’d love to see a BB blogger or two try out a NodeMCU device if they are not already playing with them, and help get them exposed to a larger audience.


Don’t worry about over-powering your clock. I use a 3B for my weather clock, but it’s also running Taiga agile project management as a trial.

eta: I copied the SD card out to a USB stick, changed the boot, before installing Taiga. If it’s not for me, I’ll swap the boot back and pull the stick. It saves remembering what to uninstall.


The Illuminati are already very proud of what they’ve achieved with the Seiko pyramid clock, and until you invest in some shielded headgear, you’ll never know why


Is there anywhere else in the world where you can actually buy Pi’s at the list prices (without shipping charges)?




I actually bought my first Raspberry Pi just today, and I didn’t pay for shipping. I just went to my local distributor here in town and picked it up from them. That’s not the same as a real brick-and-mortar store though, of course, but it was the list price.

Incidentally, I was inspired to get one after reading Mark’s post a few weeks ago about making a homebrew tabletop arcade:


If you’re in the US, and fortunate enough to have a Micro Center in your area, you can pick a 3B+ up for list (plus sales tax), and sometimes they’re on sale for about $5 less.

They do have a sliding price scale for the Pi Zero and Zero W, though, with a quantity penalty rather than a discount. That’s mostly to discourage people from flipping them on eBay.


I love these doohickeys soooo much. I’ve got four of them scattered around my apartment: two running arcade emulators with RetroPie, one acting as my music server with Volumio and a HifiBerry DAC hat, and one that I’ve set up as a Pi-hole to kill ads network-wide. Looking for the next project. They’re SO ADDICTIVE.


Several times i’ve gone into that labyrinthine nonsense with the intention of finding the opt-out and every time i’ve failed, it just doesn’t exist. Though, forbidding first party scripts in noscript/umatix does circumvent it and you can read the content - making sure cookies are disabled. The gdpr opt-out is such bullshit anyway, it should be opt-in because as soon as my cookies get auto-deleted i have to go through the whole thing again.

By the by, why does that raspberry pi zero need a heat sink? If the pi needed one wouldn’t it already be fitted? Or is it just for running the pi at top clock speed for long periods of time?


If you’re overclocking the Pi a heatsink might help, but I’m not convinced there’s any need for one for normal usage.


For a Pi 3 (not a 3+), I’d recommend a heatsink if you’re going to be maxing out the CPU for extended periods. The 3+ did a better job with heat management, putting a heat spreader on the CPU.


Can’t comment on the heat sink for the nano, but my old pi was streaming content via kodi’s Plex plugin much more stable when I applied one.

Regarding opt-outs, you are of course correct. But I wonder if their way is even legal. I’m not totally stupid and tech-inept, so I should be able to opt out. But I didn’t manage.

I wonder how and to whom we could report this for a check.


But can you use animojis of a singing Ariana Grande in a Raspberry Pi? I didn’t think so. \s

Have you seen the latest Apple commercials? Steve Jobs needs to raise from the dead as a zombie and eat the brains of the current Apple leadership.

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